Chasing time

To begin with, my week has been as hectic as usual.
Hence, explain the abandoned space.

Looking forward to the weekend, and tomorrow it’s FRIDAY FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!~


Anyway, here to continue my foodlogue which have been pending for the longest time! 😀

DIN TAI FUNG for an early sunday dinner with thom and sissy!
Because we couldn’t bother to fight the queue on a sunday night, so might as well go in a little earlier to get ourselves some seats! :p

Kinda have dilemma whenver i visit places which are famous for their XLB.
Developed a phobia for XLB ever since my visit for the holland village crystal jade xlb buffet.

OMG, so horrible.

We got bombed with loads of xlb and i just got so sick of it till now. Meh.

The xiao cai which thom claims that it’s a way to cheat customer’s money appetizer.
Hahahaha, but it’s nice and really appetizing though!

Cmon thom!

Some snaps while waiting for the late comer to arrive!
Our stomachs are dying for food but we have to slowly savor the  xiao cai and crabmeat bun while waiting!



And finally, the late comer is hereeeee!
Time for foodie! :O

/We want food, we want food, we want food!

Crabmeat bun as per mentioned.
It’s my first time having it and i thought that it was pretty nice!

Or maybe because we are hungry?


Eggy fried rice!
Which i feel so cheated because i can cook this myself?!

DTF you should try harder manz.
Okay! Moving on!

Tedahhhhh, the star of the night!

Crabmeat xiao long bao!
My heart goes to them! ♥♥♥♥

It’s on promotion for DBS/POSB card holders!
I wanna go back just for them! Flip over and die.

Hahahaha, i bet sissy would agree with me.
She totally went crazy over ’em!

B’s dan dan mian!

The sauce tasted much like satay bee hoon.
It sort of excites me when he told me he’s gonna order dan dan mian!

Cause im such a mountain tortoise and never try it before!

Hahahaha, but when i tried it, -___-

It’s definitely a relative of satay bee hoon. hahahaha.

Dessert time!!

Something hilarious i caught on from the radio when driving to school.
You know we always say that there is always room for dessert?

And that room is known as…….


Aww, love my morning with rozz and shan on air!

Chase my morning blues away ^^

Chocolate banana and green tea with azuki beans for thom and sissy!
Mac nut and green tea for meeeeee!

Cause someone say he doesn’t want any!
Who’s gonna believe you anyway!!  :p

Haalets which we can’t figure out what is it!
I thought it looks like mochi!

Hahahaha, they look so good to be eaten! (:

Caught on the candid camera!
Someone just finished the chocolate banana without sharing.

Such a meanieeeee.

Throws stare at somebardy.
Hahahaha, of course i had to share in the end!

I don’t want to be a fatty bombomz. ):

Hahahaha. Ive been eating out so regularly now that i hardly have any mummy’s made with love food ):
And i think that’s damn sad, cause i miss them loads!

Anyway, i FINALLY FINALLY visited everything with fries!
Omg, i sound like a noob! D:

Hahahaha, i bet some of you have already been there a zillion times.
Ive heard it and seen it on magazines and blogs like so so many times as if ive been there before.

So yay!


Super amazed by the handwriting on the board.
It’s handwritten and it’s super neat and pretty! 🙂

I wish i could have such handwritting!
Mine, just look like biscuit crumbs, all over the place.

Hahahaha ):
Just take a look at the notes i took down during lecture.
Sometimes i don’t even recognize what am i writing. LOL.

My new cut fringe!
Hairstylist: Mom

Hahahaha, i just couldn’t stand my fringe one fine day and i went to the room beside and say: “Mummy, can you please cut my fringe? We have been saying this since forever!”

Mum: “Okay, now. Come here”

Hahahaha, snipsnip and it’s done within a minute!
I just don’t see the point of going into a salon to cut my fringe. And most of the time, they just screw it up!

Hehehehe, now i found my personal fringe stylist!

One egg soup!
Not to my liking even though i heard ravings about it! ):

This is a thumbsup!
Breaded salmon, omgggg SALIVATES*

We are amazed how they prepare the salmon!
Crispy on the top and uber tender below.

One of the best salmon i ever had!! 😀 😀

Thom’s Pork Chop.
Heard that it’s not nice~~

Hahahahaha. Yuppppps i was being a lightbulb that day.
They had to bring me along for dinner because i was with them in the office.


And Have a Happy Fries Day!
It’s funny how they say out loud whenever customers are leaving the store.

Well, i guess it’s cute in a sense.
Hahahaha. Hmmm, looks like it’s time for me to go to bed already!

Always fight to open my eyes when my alarm rings the next morning.
I would just hit the snooze button for 300 times before i drag myself off the bed.

Hahahaha, goodnight darlings!
Shall make another attempt to type another post here soon! ♥


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