Howdy peeps! (:

Im finally back to clear my shitload worth of OTDs!
Anyway today is such a fruitful day!

Hehehehe, im awarded the best actress and sneaky person of the day!
Shall update yall about it again! (:

Don’t forget to wish Joyce happy birthday tomorrow okay! 

Was preparing some props with sissy the other day!
So cute right, omgggggz!

hmm, okay i was just fooling around. Hehehehe :p

Colorblock top in pink&orange
Skater skirt in navy/green

#thetinselrack love!
How do you like my bang? Hehehehe.
Can’t deny the fact that it made my face rounder than it is already :p

Shall keep it till i am sick of it!

Head down to 313 somerset to meet my fellow friends!
Blue mountain cafe! (:

I think i haven’t been meeting them for 3 or 4 months already.
Miss them loadssssssss!

Catch up session at tully coffee place! (:
Orchard central is such a nice place to chit chat with your friends over a cup of nice coffee.
Because orchard central is so peaceful and quiet! 😀

Went home pretty early, hopefully to have a chance to recover my eyebags and dark circles.
Hahahaha, but i would never sleep early!

Sit in front of my laptop and i can just surf the net for hours.
Sigh, foresee that i need to invest most of my funds to conceal my flaws D:

Rummage through my wardrobe and found these old love!
#thetinselrack Spring’s Desire Waterfall Top and California Ranch High Waist Shorts


Hahahaha, i love to dress up for school in order to look forward to my classes.
My friends always thought that im heading to town or meeting Ben after school!
But nope, im always go to the office or back home after school!! HAHAHAH, i seriously got no social life D:

They are so comfy and i feel so happy in them! In fact, i want to be greedy and have a few more pairs! :p

Mega love for my minion! ♥

Changed into #thetinselrack front pocket high waist shorts in Petrol Blue.
Like a fashion show please, i can change up to 3 outfits per day!

Major love for the colours of this pair of high waist shorts!
I realized i can almost wear high waist shorts everyday! So flattering, can conceal tummy after having lunch/dinner! ;p

Can’t wait for breakfast date with my love ones tomorrow!
Yay to more pictures and i think im falling in love with my weekends!

I am finally resting after 3 years. It’s hard to catch up with my life with so many things occupying me.

Thankful for sissy, ben, family and friend’s understanding! ♥
Im back in full force now,  so i will be around spreading love and cookies! Wheeeeee!

Okay, jess can’t stop pestering me for my laptop!!! ROAR.
Gonna post this up and watch 家好月圆 now!

P.S It’s so frigging addictive!

Ask me ant knee tink


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