Ultra mega busy! :O

Hello folks!
Im finally here again!

(Afraid that y’all will abandon meh ): )

Hahahahaha, ive been so busy these two weeks, god knows why.
I don’t even have time to post pictures up here, so i kind of forgot what ive been to these few days.

Okay, im so back dated!
Updating about sissy’s 22nd birthday! 😀 😀 😀


Finally able to flaunt in the Skatergal flouncy dress in sky blue!
Totally in love with the material and how the cut flow


Done dolling up and camwhore a bit with my twinnie while waiting for the star of the day!

Wheeeee 😀
Love how my hair look so tame before heading out of the house everytime.
But when  i step out of the house, BWAM.

My hair looks like it went to hurricane ):

So troubled with my floss like hair, (sissy say it looks like pork floss, i insist that it’s candy floss)

On 小红 waiting to pick minion Sophie up! 😀
Abit tad torturous to wake up so early.

If not for breakfast!
Hahahahaha, no doubt why Ben always call me Fat Fat ):

Jones the grocer at Dempsy!
Glorious place to have breakfast.

It was drizzling early in the morning, what a bummer ):

Some pictures before we get to our breakfast!
The queue for Sunday morning was pretty long! ):

I hate long queues with empty stomach
#not happy


Everyone is in #thetinselrack’s clothes!

All sleeveless, almost freeze to death!
Everywhere we go is so torturing ):

We all ended up at far east buying cardigan to keep ourselves warm.

Lovelove the high ceiling of the cafe! ^^
And the layout of the place? Beautiful!

More pictures taken before we could get ourselves a seat!
The place was bustling with loads of breakfast lover (:

Rainy day also damn enthu?! ):

Heheheh, sop did a funny post
But i forgot why. Chicky dance?

Why sop? Tell me when you see me okay!

Jess and sop ordered hazelnut and caramel hot chocolate!
Looks so yummeh!!

And absolutely comforting on a rainy sunday 🙂

The three of them ordered the traditional american breakfast.
So boringgggg.

So i got myself a coconut pancakes!
Comes with a additional scoop of vanilla icecream.

Weird combination for a breakfast!


Im a selectively coconut eater, i only eat coconut flavoured food like bangkok’s coconut icecream, coconut candies.
But i DON’T eat the real coconut fruit and drink coconut juice.

Call me an oddball, i don’t care.
Hahahahaha :p

The tradition american breakfast might look and sound appetizing but it didn’t win their hearts.
Rubbery egg, tough bacon


Annoying kids at dining tables

Everybardy was so damn full before we even cleared half of our plates!
:O :O :O

So camwhore war starts again while our stomachs process the food. :p

Hahahaha, we keep running over to sissy’s side cause the lighting there is obviously much nicer!
Tips to take note, choose the side with better lighting if you want to  achieve good looking photos! :p

Was a pity that it’s still drizzling by the time we left, nothing much to do with the horrible weather!
Ended up shopping at far east till everyone is tired.

Aww, it’s so good to have the girls companion (:
Im blessed, tyvm.

Big ass polaroid contributed by Sop!
Another two additon to our polaroid collage! (:

Say yayyyyy.

Im just back from USS today with my birthday boy and im damn exhausted!
Had hell loads of fun at the Battlestar galantica, seriously 😀

♥im in love with roller coasters ♥

Can’t wait to share my pictures over here!
And nope, not gonna say goodnight today! ):

Have yet to clear finish emails!
Hang on girls, im comingggggggg!


Ask me ant knee tink


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