Happy birthday my peanutbutternomnomz! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

So busy so busy.
As usual, my weekdays are occupied with school work, projects

OH, and i have a test tomorrow which i haven’t even finish studying ):

I really wish i’ve 48 hours a day.
And if that’s true, i would probably be over-exhaust.

Hahahaha, nuff said.

Im been lacking behind!
Went to THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO on Ben’s 21st birthday!

/pops the champagne!

We have been hearing and talking about USS for the longest time.
And i knew i had to go before his army enlistment because i SO WANTED to take a ride on the roller coaster!!

😀 😀 😀

Your favourite and awaiting eight buttons shorts! Say yayyyyyyy?
Decided to wear light because i know i will be running around and perspire for the rest of my day!


And here we are!
The legendary USS.

We’ve finally made it!!
RAWRRRRS! Spam smiley faces here! 😀

It is as if we are not in Singapore anymore!
Hehehe, look at the popcorn truck.

Don’t they only appear on our teevee screen when we were young? :O

Everything look so surreal and nicely built.
Even though it doesn’t feel so fantasy-like as compared to disneyland, i love it anyway! (:

You ought to go explore uss if you haven’t!
Since Singapore is so small and there is nothing much to do except watching movies and picnic right?
Hahahaha, it’s a good place for dating!

And did i mention that i mega love theme parks?
I can really go crazy over the rides. Hehehehe, it’s in our genes.

These are taken at New york!
And we are on our way to…

Have you spotted it?

The battlestar galactica!
I was really jumping around like a kid and pulling ben up to queue for the ride!


So our warm up ride was the human track! (The red one!)
It was so heartdropping and so thrilling at the same time! I LIKEEEEE!

Totally warm ourselves up and we just went ahead for the CYLON.
Cylon was more thrilling but less intensive as compared to the human!

So Cylon for the win! 😀

Remember to pick up a map before entering! (:
It will be handy because they have stated all the timings and rides that you  might be interested in!

And here we are at the Ancient Egypt zone!
Am excited because they are famous for their ride!

The ride was in the dark, and i would say that it’s really awesome!

There is 360deg movement and backward motion.
How cool? Hehehehe.

We thought that this guy look like a horoscope!
Sagittarius? hahahaha, don’t you think he look like one? :p

Lockers are available for free for a grace period of 30 minutes!
Love this system because you can enjoy your rides without worrying your belongings!

Plus, it doesn’t require you to carry a key around!
Im impressed by the smart system they used! (:

Nothing much at the Jurassic park!

The weather was really burning!
So much so for the thunderstorm that the weather forecast stated on the web! :p

It would be a bummer if it rains!
I will sulk like a bulldog if i don’t get to enjoy myself! (spoilt kid)

Back to new york to find my friend who is working at USS! (:
Take some pictures on the wayyyyyy.

Hahahaha, this picture is epic!!

Meet Charlie Chaplin! (:
His make up and contact lens are really cool!

Hahahah. Gotta love his hat too 😀

Fooling around while waiting for my friend! :O

Oh yeah, one more point.
Try to visit USS during the weekdays because we queue for less than 5 minutes for most of our rides!

I hate queuing, it’s just a waste of time ):

Betty boop in town.
This lady really sound like betty boop!

Hahahaha, reminds me of the cartoon i watched during those good ol days! 😉

After much hurdle, finally met huiting!
It’s seem so fun to work at USS!

I would wish tooooo, but my place is friggin far away from USS ):
I wanna work as a MASCOT!

Hahahaha. Just dance around and take pictures :p

Manhole spotted.

In the queue to see what goes behind the scene of a movie making!
Good experience there.

Everything look so real and convincing! (:

Kill the Frankieeeee!
He totally looked tortured.

Hahahaha :p

Walking towards madagascar!

HAHAHAH, sad looking boy.
I look at the camera screen and laugh upon seeing his face.

Obviously he did it to humour me.

Far far away land!
The only princess here is princess fiona!

The ogre’s wifey?
Yup, that’s her! The green looking one 😀

Went in for Shrek’s 4D!
I would say not bad, but the introductory part made the both of us sleepy!

Can sleep.

Gingy’s candy store!
What would you like to be when you grow up?
Now i know! My desired occupation would  a candystore owner!

So cuteeeeeee. 😀

Stumbled upon the OGREEEEEE!
Shrek and his princess fiona! (:

HAWHAWHAW, we went to take the carousel, madagascar version!
Seriously, i love being a kid! :p

Ben was busy reading the map while i was enjoying the ride.
Probably max out most of my energy while walking through the whole USS!

Even though it might seems small, but try exploring  every part of it.
I bet you will be tired too! o.o

Photo taken with woody wood pecker’s girlfriend winnie! (:

And our last destination and aim was to take photos with the KUNGFU PANDA!
PO 😀

He is so fat and cuddley!
Hahahahaha, satisfied and complete our journey at USS!

(The photographer sucks though!)

I wanna be back for you again baby!!

Anyway, before i end this post!
Pictures of the paperbag skirt upcoming at 9pm later!


Wore it out in Meadow blue!
And pair it with the lipstick belt!  ♥

Pardon the creases ):
Im a lazy girl, but anyway this skirt doesn’t crease easily and the material is very comfortable!

I run around in the chalet with this outfit and it didn’t kill me 😀

See you at 9pm people!

Ask me ant knee tink


2 Comments on “Happy birthday my peanutbutternomnomz! ♥♥♥♥♥♥”

  1. Pearlyn says:

    Hi dear! Do you mind sharing where did you get the pink-redish ribbon shoes from? It’s so pretty! ❤

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