Fiddle fiddling

Hmmmm, i just tried fiddling with the new Photoshop effect.
Pretty coooooooooool!! πŸ™‚


That’s me in the eight buttons in RADDDD πŸ™‚
Wuv it. Hehehehe, wore it to school on friday!

The day which i look most forward to! πŸ˜€
Who doesn’t love friday right? Finally get to let loose and relax a tiny weeny bit.

If only we have 2 holidays per year, 6 months long.
Hahahaha, everyone will just be rotting at home and grow fungus. LOL.


Sissay with the eight buttons shorts in camel! (:
We wore it coincidentally, hahaha.

Cause normally the day before i would probably choose my outfit already.
In case i can’t find the right outfit, and take half an hour to fiddle around.

Hahahaha, then i will be late for school and feeling lousy in the clothes i choose.
Seriously, dont like that feelin’.

My week has been packed yet routine!
Hence, not much pictures to share! ):

Sometimes, i can’t even remember what im busy with the entire week.
Boyfriend says: Poor time management


Hahahaha, looks like i need a time manager to manage my time!
And i foresee that next week is gonna be a busy week again.

Time for hongkong show again!


Before all the projects start to slam in again!
My life story and woes, sighhhhhh!


Ask me ant knee tink



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