Joy of life

Joy of life number one: Egg noodle with ham and egg
Super milky milk tea, most awesome milk tea can only be found in HONGKONG ♥

Something that you must not miss when you visit HK!
That is traditional hong kong breakfast at their traditional tea cafe along the streets (:


Joy of life number two: Visit Disneyland with your loved ones ♥

Everything details and corner about Disneyland are so well taken care of and customized to the theme.
Even though this is my second time to HK DisneyLand, im still impressed 😉

It is as if like all my fairytales stories came to life.

Fantasy that lived in my heart.

And finally, we reached!! 🙂
Oh mannnnnnz, i mizz my brown hair!!

Weather that day was super.. erratic
Sudden downpour and sun glare made us all shagged out!!


Spot mickey and minnie at the entrance!
After all the weather obstacles, we finally manage to take a pic with them! (:

Even the mascots are well synchronized.
Hahahaha, they hold hands and touch their nose even when they are leaving for their break?!
Vhy Disneyland so cute one! Cannot stand it!!

Hahaha :p

Their visual merchandising are so well done!
Because it makes us feel like buying everything back to Singapore, super tempted.


Check out the props we got ourselves for the day in Disney land! (:

Minnie’s bow for me and Marie’s cat ear!

Stitch ears fo sissy! 😀

Thank god we brought our handy tripod along! (:
But a little tad troublesome to fix it up and close it when you don’t need it.

Tedious much, but only for nice pictures!!
It’s all worth it (:

Oh myyyy favourite scrumpy.
in penguin suit ♥

Price of the food and drink are mark up super high as expected for a tourist site!
But THIS chicken pie is super awesome, 3SGD for a puny pie.

Hahahahaha, but the crust was so buttery and soft.
Best pie everrrr, jess couldn’t forget about it!

Plus the fact that they shaped out a mickey mouse icon on it.

My self made minnie mouse cover!! ♥

Lotso the strawberry scent bear that i regretted not buying!
Disneyland actually made them smell like strawberry! :O

I want to have it in my bag so my stuff will smell like strawberries!
Buy for me if you’re going to disneyland!!

I will transfer you the $$. FOR REALLLLL.

i want ):


End off our day at Disneyland with lots of fantasy goods 😀


Back to our hotel anddddd do the next activity on our itinerary!

Dinner at Cafe de coral, which was so baddddd.
My spaghetti bolognese.. i can do better.


We decided to catch a movie! Super spontaneous. Hahahah
Their movie theatre are located along the street, like pop out of no where.

Tickets for Super 8! 😀


And beware, continue to scroll down and see the most unglam photos of us!
And scroll down if you’re readyyyyyyy :p



Hahahah, period.

I guess tiredness got into us! Plus the swivel screen is love! ♥

Proceed into the theatre!
And we end of our day after our movie. What a long day!

When im travelling, i love to make full use of every minutes and seconds of it.
I want to do as many things and activities as possible. Hahahah.

Speaking of which, im flying to Phuket with Ben this sunday! 😀
But the bad thing is that, i can’t manage to find the booking confirmation email on my email account!! D:

I feel like killing myself.
Why must things just screwed up on meeee?!

And tiger airway customer service airline is not helping either, i was on hold the call for 15 minutes and no one answered!
Why, someone tell me why?

Okay, just want to rant.
I got to run to reply emails and complete my projects before i fly off.

So many things undone and so little time ):

On a side note, Thank god it’s friday!!!!!!!!!
Let’s look forward to the weekend peeeeeepos! ♥


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