/Edited Im back from Phuket!

*Save draft*

I can’t believe im flying to phuket in another fourteen hours time.

I finally managed to find out my flight number and time.
Almost headed down to changi airport to check with Tigerairways!!

Omg, their hotline is useless.
Lucky im smart enough and check my reference number from my ibanking page 😉

Alright, nuff said.
Some pichas to share!!

Upcoming shrug that you girls are anticipating!
Preview first before i fly off, im so responsible!


My friday OTD ♥
Twirl circle skirt with stripe cardigan!

So anyway, i dig Jess up to accompany me to changi airport.
But since everything is settled before we left, /phew

I treat her to brekkie! ^^
Wanted to go Hatched at Evans road, but we’re on a tight schedule so we only had ya kun toast!


And you know what to expect when there is only the two of us and a camera.
Hahahaha, my stupid twin sister.

Sissy said we look like chipmunks.




So anyway, Ben decides to surprise me with an IPAD!
/Full of glee

I have no idea whyyyyyy.
Must have done something fishy huh.

He even got me a wireless keyboard together with the IPAD for replying emails (:
Yay to no more heavy and bulky laptop and adaptor.

I will make good use of this!!
Thank you and I love you so much B!! ❤

What did i do to get such good karma? :’)
Still can’t believe it that it’s mine already!!!!


That aside, i just touched down from Phuket.
Had so much fun there even though the weather can be a bitch these few days!

More photos to come when i get them uploaded 🙂
Till then!




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