My current self now.
Hahahaha, feeling so miserable ever since i came back from Phuket! :O

Im piled with the never ending projects and work )’:

Someone tell me this is going to end soon.


Gonna blog about something more comforting to cheer my Saturday up!

What else but my precious furball? ((((:

She’s my happy pill and she forever look so carefree and happy.
Eat, sleep, poop, pee, wait for everyone to come home.

Im full of envy, baby girl.

Hahahaha, sometimes i wish that im just a dog.

Took all the above photos on her 4th birthday! ^^
Happy belated birthday xiaobai!!

p.s check out the last photo, my baby girl loves me!
Hahahaha, she’s trying to steal a kiss from me :p

And two more huge ass photos of fur before i bury myself back to the pile of work.

Have a really superb weekend dear! ♥
Enjoy your sunday on my behalf, im just gonna spend my sunday with my projects!


Goodnight!! ♥


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