Catching up

Hellowwww fellas.

How’s your week going so far?
Ive been lagging behind, behind time and work.

Im so glad that all my projects burden are coming to an end.
But which means that i’ve to prepare for exams soon ):

The lecturers can’t stop emphasizing how tough the papers are gonna be like.
Seriously my SIM fellows? Is it true? ):

Ohhhhhh well, that can wait.

The first time i try on this romper, omg it’s so awesomeeeeee.
Abandon the fact that it’s a polka dot design( i used to hate polka dot to the maxxxxxx, i don’t know why. But i love it now HA), the bustier and the entire romper cutting is so FANTABULOUS!

Those who have their chance to try and bought it at KJ would have agree with me! 😀

Immediately wore it out the next day to meet my dearest girlfriend for some girly manicure session! (:
I took manicure as an excuse cause i haven’t meet her for a thousand years or so.


My sea green coloured nails!
Nice????? ^^

I actually wanted a solid green tone, but since the manicure place doesn’t have it.
This shall make do!

I likey it so much till the nail polish chipped off like mad i still don’t wanna get it remove.
(Or maybe im just too lazy, hee)

Had dinner at TORI Q!
We were so effing hungry but totally have zero idea what to eat.

Want to faint already still don’t know what to eat.
So in the end, we toured around the whole town and settled down for some TORI Q goodness.

Please point your finger at our face and laugh at us.

Feelin’ hungry staring at this photo.
I can’t stop eating today by the way, my stomach got worm or what.

Can’t help but feel hungry every 4-5 hours? :O
I don’t want to feel hungry, go awayyyyy.

Green tea yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I think im funny, i used to hate green tea and yogurt the most.

Especially yogurt.

Why would someone love to eat something that tasted like spoilt milk?
Don’t get it at all last time.

Hahahahaha, that’s why they say people change?
Maybe that’s why.

I seriously don’t geddit.

And HY got her yogurt in almond flavour.
NOOOO, i still dislike almond.

I wonder if i will change my taste and love almond next time? :p
My taste bud just refuse to accept almond yet.

Almond nuts yes.
Almond paste no.
Almond jelly no.


Polka dot loving’

After coming back from Phuket, i got addicted in dressing myself in a carefree manner.
Hahahaha, I was happy with my sundress, long maxi, slouchy black dress, cropped top with destroyed denim shorts.

I got addicted.
I love to feel carefree and comfortable in my clothes!

Makes me a happy girl 😀

Something i fell in love with ♥

I love dancing in them, cause i feel so comfortable in it.

It is suppose to be a midi skirt by the way.
But never too long for a 152 tall girl 🙂

Im glad im able to wear it, if not i swear i will force sissy to go alter it.

Wore it out in red when i was out for dinner with my clique last saturday!!
Cause i want to be casual but not sloppy.

This midi skirt was perfect for me.
I can even pair it with my favourite sandal and im good to go.

I told ya i was addicted.

Plus i got so many colours to choose from ):
I can’t possibly take all colours!

If only i got 10 wardrobes all to myself.  That would be sooooooo good.
Hahahaha,  hokay!

It’s getting late, but i love yall so i get this post done before im heading off to bed for another long day tomorrow!
There is a launch tomorrow girls!

Please do pop over to our facebook page for more preview pictures:


Major love for the kampong shoot!
In exchange for hell lot of mosquito bites for the crew.
(I was in Phuket, guilts ><)


Have an early night! TOODLES!

Ask me ant knee tink


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