Simple things in life ♥

Howdy, how’s your weekend going so far? 😉

I’ve been a very lazy girl, cause i haven’t start touching my textbooks (which cost me a bomb, seriously can someone tell me why Australia textbooks are so expensive? :O) for my final papers.


I have no confidence in my paper at all after receiving all my test results.
Oh gosh, why is it so hard to score in SIM 😦

Negative things aside, OTD  first!  ♥

Hehehe, nope not gonna get sick of this outfit anytime soon.
I love to wear this and float around in town. So prettay :*)

AND TURDAHHHH, whatz coming up next at TTR! 😉
#thetinselrack Suspender skirt

I bet most of you would have seen the preview on facebook!
The theme for the collection is literally screaming out love.

You never know how painstaking it took Sissy and I to cut those raindrops out and paste them at the backdrop.
(nope, it’s not photoshopped)

Love how the pictures turn out to be like and the entire feel of the collection!!

So proud of ourselves, heehee.


Wore it out for a dinner date with my boy 🙂
Honestly speaking, we haven’t been dating much.

We are forever eating mummy’s home cooked food, nearby hawker centre food or rushing from place to place.
Sad to be us. Hahahaha.

Finally able to sit down and have a proper meal, it felt so good ♥


It seems like we are never gonna get sick of TCC.
Went to Keppel Bay for a change 😉

Spicy buffalo wings, O nom nom nomz.
This can never go wrong with the housemade chilli dip by the side.

Im never a fan of chicken wings, but this is pretty good.
Worth dirtying my hand (Can never eat chicken wings with cutleries, somehow they don’t taste as good!)

No judging! Heh :p

B’s Beef Stew

And my carbonara! 😉

Which was pretty good but i gave up halfway cause my tummy felt like it’s gonna burst anytime.
God, haven’t got so bloated for a long time. It felt sinful 😦

We didn’t even have that extra space for dessert.
How sad. There goes my dark devotion.

Hahaha, and always after a full bloated meal we will always argue who to drive.
Well, normally i would just bully him when he’s around. He gotta be the chauffeur :p

Speaking of that, i haven’t had my dinner yet!
What’s for dinnnnnnner?

No pastamania delivery already, Im so sick of pastamania 😦
Hahahaha, looks like im gonna have an empty stomach for the night~

Perhaps i should get my ass up to hunt for some food.
Okay, till here then. Hehehe, gonna abandon yall for food!




Ask me ant knee tink


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