Young at heart

Just managed to grab these photos from the DSLR.
Taken by sissy when we were fooling around in the office.

Oh gosh, i still feel like a kid and love to sit on a rocking horse :p

 So glad that the horse didn’t break on me.

Anyway, one of my favourite things to do with my TTR team is to fool around and be crazy all the time.
Hahahaha, we decided not to waste our hardwork on the backdrop and took some real mental photos!

(Photos are kop from sissy’s photobucket, hee)

Omg, i couldn’t stop laughing that day because both Suan and Ding are so fucking funny please.
Literally rolling on the floor laughing kind xD

Totally gone mad.
Hahahaha, i swear the new model got a shocked/fright by their craziness.

Ding’s yoga cum kungfu post.
Oh god, got me cracking so hard -_-“

Love em’ to bits.

ANYWAYYYY, there will be a new launch tonight if you don’t already know.
8pm sharp at THE TINSEL RACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count the raindrops with us 😉


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