parts and parcel of my life

Hallelujah!! im a happy girl today because my day is simple just like that 🙂

Just a little missing my boy today, he’s out to tioman this time round.
Come back quick!


Anyway, how do you like the fairy lights skirt?

It really looks like it’s gonna touch the floor!
But nopppppe at all (psst, it’s the angle)

Hahahaha, in fact i wore it out with my favourite sandals today and i didn’t step on my skirt, trip fall and die.

Hahahaha. I will be so sad if im too short for it. Such a pretty piece  🙂

We all love love how the material and the cut of the skirt flows when we walked in it!
Feels like a fairy!


Wore it out to study today, (finally)
Can’t study at home for nuts ):

Ha, this is my breakfast at 12pm please.

Had to head down to bukit merah to settle my poor car.
If you don’t already know, i got a car crash earlier this monday on the expressway.

Sigh, why are we talking about it anyway.
Truly horrified, went ‘omgggggyyy wtf’ and biam ):

Whenever i see my car at the workshop, feels like i didn’t take care of it properly and it looks so sad and pathethic now.


thank god that my sissy and minion are all fine 🙂

Had to wear something nice and a good breakfast to cheer myself up, seriously!

My boring afternoon while waiting for my study buddy to come and join me!
Study really kills, omg.

Kills my brain cells and eyes.
Gotta sleep now so i can head down to the office early in the morning tomorrow!

XOXO people.


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