Katy kat’s twenty first :)

I know.

Im so outdateddddd, this should be posted up during Sep but i dragged till now.
:O Sissy already posted this long long time ago. Hahahaha.

My favourite colour among all, Emerald green for the Squirrel Ruffles Top!

I love how the emerald green makes me look fairer ^^

That apart, sissy and i were all dressed up for a photoshoot (LIE #1)
Hahahah, we went to fetch Kat and lied to her that we are having a shoot at Laselle.

Luckily she didn’t question why we are all nicely dressed up for the shoot. LOL cause normally we are with our tee and shorts for photoshoot. #unglam

Succeeded upon surprising the birthday girl!

YAYYYY, look at her elated face PRICELESS KAT 😀
We are so damn good at it please, heheheh.
Sissy even brought along a dress for her to change in. So well planned. hehehe.

Writing kat’s birthday card 🙂

Suan is so sweet please!
He planned the birthday surprise, sent all of us a E-invitation card he designed and bought a backpack that kat wants for the longest time! No wonder must hug la, make the birthday girl a happy kat. Hahahaha :p

Peeks with the main lead of the day!
Lovelovelove you katttty! ♥

And yupppps, we dine at 15 minutes!
Prawn aglio olio and duck oriental pizza 🙂

I still prefer Timbre’s after trying their duck pizza. Omgawdddd nomz.

Yet another surprise when her birthday cake was presented to her.
Her favourite nyan cat!!

The cake was customized for her and i must say it tasted pretty nice! 😀

A group photo to end off this entry! 🙂


Gotta rush to Singpost, have my dinner and prepare for launch now!


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