Hectic crazy week

My life have been so mundane, everyday is mugging cause my exam is starting next tuesday.

HORRROR, im totally rushing like mad, cramping and swallowing all the notes i can ):

I miss blogging, god. but no time at all!

Anyway, im still here anyhow! I completed 5 chapters of my Organisational behaviour alright, kind of proud of myself.
Hur. I just hope i can pass. Hahahaha :p

Disty Blonde Skater Skirt in Dodger Blue #thetinselrack
Anddd bookworm rainbow cardigan
My favourite among the lot! ♥

Words can’t explain how much i love the cut of this skirt, reminds me of a mermaid’s tail. Heh 🙂

Popped in the tea house last week before we head for our mugging session.
This girl is having her O’s in just another couple of days, omg no kidding shit.

Im actually feeling jittery for her! But i got 101% confidence in this walking encylopedia 😉

Heh, JT was there too! 🙂

OTD: Confetti Singlet with Ditsy Blonde Skirt in Kelly Green!

And Jess in Rahrah cheerleader skirt in Dots! 😀

Iced berry tea with berry ice cubes!

Our all time favorite shepherd’s pie and lorraine quiche ♥
Feels so good to indulge yourself once awhile, -sink into blissful self-

Baked rice to satisfy JT’s stomach.

And my scones! 🙂 I love it with strawberry jam!
It’s a must order for me everytime im here. #hardcorefan

Back to our office to study 😎
Pretty condusive to study there, surprisely Hahaha, am definitely gonna go back to study tomorrow.

Super nerd until my boyfriend also cannot stand it. Hahahaha.

New discovery in office!
A newly grown mushroom at the window :O

Super gross out pleaseeeeee!

Mushroom terminator to the rescue!

He was so excited to terminate the evil mush and i must admit that he did a good job.
But… we realized we’re still unable to open the window because JT saw a BIGGER mushroom outside the window.



The mushroom can just grow happily outside.

Second colour pick for the skirt!



And last but not least!
A must-have in your wardrobe… HAPPY DOTS TOP in red 🙂

All the OTD above are what i wore out during all my mugging days.
Gonna become a zombie soon, not even kidding. SO STRESSSSSS!!!!!!!

If you’re as stress as me, something to cheer you up!

Heheheh, new clothes always cheer me up ^^
Hope it will make yours too before the week starts again!

JIAYOU JIAYOU! Can’t wait for exams to end! :O

Refer any questions to:



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