Phuket Day 3

Ive been churing out this post since Thursday and i haven’t really got the time to sit down properly to blog!
Gonna mug again after this post!


I can’t wait for the last two paper to come and get over and done with it.
And my first two papers was really a killer. I think i might just fail the whole module and retake it maybe next year ):

OTD: TTR Sierenna Sundress in Pristine White
Candy stripey bikini from FOX

Thought i was gonna rock my day on the beach!
But nope, our first station of the day was GO-KART!! πŸ˜‰


We kind of make friends with the cab driver who drove us from the airport to our resort.
They are pretty friendly in general! But just becareful that some of them might scam you. So be street smart! πŸ™‚

So we called him in the morning if he could drive us to the go kart station and he agreed!

So here we areeeee.

Can’t really remember how much was the price.
It was pretty steep for the given amount of time i guess.

Hahahaha, but it’s okay cause i get to drive a go-kart in thailand once in a life timeΒ ~


Can you spot me???


Hahahahahaha, cause i wore a dress and i was required to wear that suit which look like a jumpsuit a plumber will wear.
Omg, damn ridiculous.

Please wear shorts/pants if you’re going to have a round of go-kart!

it made me feel damn uncomfortable in it!! ):

Yayyyyy, went back to the resort to grab some towels and water.
Off to patong beach, you bitches! πŸ˜€

Heaven! So long since i’ve been to the beach.
We paid for two sun chairs along the beach, which cost us around $4?

And you can get ready to slack on the beach all day long and turn into a red lobster!
The sun was so strong that day and im so happy about it! NO MORE GLOOMY DAYS πŸ˜€


Make a quick guess what im doing next!!
LOL, my hair look like some seaweed cause we went into the sea before that.
The waves were pretty huge! But hahahaha, still can’t do surfing!

Some guy went to rent a surfing board but totally #fail!
Feel so bad for him!

PARASAILING that is!!!!!
Omg, i was pestering ben on my first day at Phuket that im so gonna parasail!

Cause it looks like so much fun! Don’t you think so? πŸ˜€

That’s me that’s me!
*Hi Mommy!*

B’s Turn!
All the gear were really tie on super tightly on us. Can’t breathe for nuts.

And one minus point though, someone will be up there will you to guide the parachute and follow the direction of the speedboat!

Spot the white top guy standing behind B. Yeah, he was the one who went up with us!

Overall, i was pretty disappointed cause it wasn’t as thrilling as i thought.

Okay, just the flying up part. Hahahaha, damn shiok! πŸ˜€

But the duration was pretty short and we paid around $80 per pax?
They sureee know how to earn tourist money!

But like what i’ve said, you have to experience everything!
THAT IS LIFE! (((((((((:

Hop over to the drink stall (look damn old school!) to grab some drink.
Ended up with a bottle of beer to share πŸ™‚

Totally enjoying our life when we’re at Phuket!

Some sun tanning session!
Burning HAWTTTT.

Loads and loads of locals will walk past you with their products in their hand and ask if you are interested to buy anything from them!

Really, like every 5 minutes?
Hahahaha. Can act fall asleep lor.

Anyway! Ben and i was really enthu that day. Hahahaha
We saw a couple of people offering temporary tattoo service and we decided to do it when the next person who walk pass us offering that! :O


I actually wanted to tattoo my name in Thai language.
And that stupid boy say, since it’s a fake tattoo you should just put something ridiculous.


Hahahahaha, we had so much fun on the beach!
Very different from Singapore’s beach! πŸ™‚

Decided to head off with our little scooter around 4 plus to grab some foodie!

Mac’s Samurai Pork Burger!

Awesome recommendation from Ben! Heheh πŸ™‚
Omg, how i wish Singapore have it too! But that’s so not going to happen! ):

Finish our burger and hit the snooze button till 7?!
We totally zonk out, and panicked upon seeing the dark sky.

We are suppose to return the scooter to the bike station!
Super gan chiong and rush like some mad dog! Cause Ben’s passport was with them in exchange for the scooter and we are so afraid that their shop is already closed! We have a morning flight to catch the next morning can!

Luckily they haven’t close yet. Omg, really can die out of anxiety.

Have a super long walk with B cause we were searching for this restaurant called “SEAHAG” Β as seen on the above picture. Hahahahaha

The walk is like never ending.
If not B said that he’s been there with his friend previously, we would have already given up. Heh πŸ™‚

Ready for food spammage!!
We always tend to over order and ended up with a bloated stomach.
Hahahaha. Damn horrible!

This was so yum!
Can’t really recall the name of the dish already. But it was our appetizer!


Complimentary dish on the house.
They would normally give out on the house dishes if you’re happen to dine there! πŸ™‚

Our failed kang kong.
Stems overloaded -____-“

The fish was reallyyyy spicy and the both of us almost died eating the entire fish.

Yellow curry with prawn!
This is good! Love ittttt πŸ˜‰

Complimentary soup on the house.
Which tasted like a bit funny. Hahahaha, maybe we don’t know how to appreciate or some herbs that they added in. Hmmmm.

That’s all for my phuket trip!!
Thought it was a pretty short trip, 4 days 3 nights.

I would go for a 5 days 4 nights next time! Hehehe.
I would probably just die from overload of happiness and the carefree life.

Hahahaha. Okay! End ofΒ fantasizing.
Back to books. D:

Ask me ant knee tink


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