Month: November

Im missing in action recently, #gulity
I thought ive got nothing much to talk about my life until i realized there’s a whole lot of pictures in the cam waiting for me.

My life has been quite happening ever since my exams have ended.

First up, the MOST important person in my life’s birthday!

Head down to town specially to get her present! 🙂

Grab a cup of sour sally first! 😀

Heheh, i have not been driving ever since the car crash.
My chauffeur for the week 😉

Well, tried driving when i need to send parcels.
Still feeling jittery all over when im at the driver’s seat.

All the horror thoughts that i could ever think of.

Not gonna give up yet!!!!!!!

This is freaky, try turning your head 180 deg and you will realize how much i actually look like Jess.

Surprised mommy with her present and strawberry shortcake just before she made it to work 🙂
She probably thought that all her three daughters are pretty heartless.

Cause we didn’t surprise her with a cake when the clock striked 12.
She was asking where is her cake and all :p

Only managed to cut the cake after momsy is back!
Tired looking, but i love her the best anyway! 😀

Just a simple celebration cause momsy doesn’t want us to do any fanciful arrangement for her birthday.
Hope she loves what we got for her! 🙂

Love mummy the best because she: Can’t stop nagging and getting worried about us
Cook the yummiest food ever
Gives us all the love and concern
Gives us the best

I will love her till the end of the world, XOXO


On the very same day, i went to had bak kut teh with Ben for dinner!
Located at rangoon road. I guess it’s pretty famous for it’s bak kut teh!

I was never a lover of bak kut teh because i dislike the peppery taste.
Had it cause this soon to be army boy have cravings for it, i had to give it -_-

Definitely advised to drive here cause it’s highly inaccessible by walking.
Omg, we had a good 15minutes walk from Jalan Besar cause we took bus 130


Was pretty shocked that it was nicely furnished as compared to a lot of bak kut teh stores!

New discovery: You can actually have bak kut teh with fried dough fritters (YOUTIAO)
Omg, so niceeeee!

I betcha never know about it!
Hahahahahaha, okay or maybe only me :/

Anyway, the bak kut teh has overpowering peppery taste.
Too much D:

Not gonna come back for it againnnnn.
We will search around for nicer bak kut teh and have it when he books out! 🙂

All their side dishes are pretty nice and affordable though.
Filled our tummies to the brimmmm :O

/Bloated like a pufferfish

And did you catch what i said above?
Something like “When he books out”?

Yupppp, this is gonna be the last photo you are going to see Ben with his hair and his favourite furball!! D:

One last picture before he goes into the barber! :’)
Very reluctantly though.. hahaha.

Here we gooooooo :O

Hahahahaha, can’t stop laughing when the barber finish shaving both side of his hair and left some in the middle of his head. The barber is such a joker.

Get over and done with!
Time to go home to pack all the things and get ready for army!!! 🙂

First thing to pack: Who else but xiaobai? 🙂
Hahahaha, she is super kaypo and squiggle herself in his bag when we were preparing to pack his bag!
Missy kaypo.

Being adorable and irritating here.
Hahahaha, #cutiepie no.1

Here’s a sneak peak for you!
Rename his contacts in my phone as: 小和尚 ♥

Picked him up the next day and sent him to Tekong 🙂
Im such a guddie gurlfriend! Hehehe

But the thought of not seeing him for 2 weeks makes me feel ): x 10
No one accompany me to eat lao ban tau huey
No one to help me to send tons and tons of parcels and stocks

Am right here counting down everyday till the 25th of Nov!!! 🙂

Tekong was quite boring so no pictures for that! 🙂

Outfit of the Day  at last!
Went out with my two cute sissies for some brunch goodness time!

Jess in Happy Dots Top in Red and Lace up shorts in black!

My all time favourite hi waist shorts: Ringmaster HWS Shorts in Dark Denim! 🙂
I’ve been wearing the black and navy one so many times!

So glad that we did it in denim material cause im afraid i will worn out mine one day if i keep wearing them out!

And yuppps, this baby will be at our launch tonight at 9pm sharppppp! ;D
Grab it if you love it!

Im wearing size S btw 🙂
Got to go now, see you girls at the launch tonight!!

Ask me ant knee tink


2 Comments on “Month: November”

  1. Karen says:

    Jolene! The black dress you wearing which collection was it from? 🙂

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