Flying through the sky with no wings

Meet Lionel the melt your heart baby golden retriver! πŸ˜€
HY’s new baby!

Got so excited and popped over to her house the very next day when i know she just got her pup!
Hehehe, so adorable and innocent.

Reminds me of my furball when she is still a baby, so silly and practically eat everything that she finds on the floor.
E.g dust, fingernails
Heh, like a dustbin.

This little thing is such a silly bum, putting his front paws in his water bowl whenever he drinks water.
Ended up with wet paws and body. SILLY BOY!

HEE, such doeful eyes.

And super active!
We can’t hold him like how we carry xiaobai!! roarrrrs.

Gotcha! πŸ˜€

Oh, he loves to play tug-o-war too.
Hahahaha, bite on to anything he can find!

I heard male dogs have the tendency to bite items lying around, e.g socks, rugs
Looks like it’s trueeeeee! -points to lionel-

I just love to chewwwww.


Time to go back to the playpen.
Looks super reluctant!

HYbaby just told me Lionel just gained another kg over the week.
Such a fatty boy!

My babygirl don’t even gain a kg over a year. Hahahaha.
Can’t wait to see him again, before he grew to his full size! πŸ™‚


Anyway, my day at the office with my two darling sissy! β™₯

If you know me well enough, im a super hardcore lover of knit/stripes/comfy/huggable wears
Hahahaha, so you can already conclude that the two pieces above are gonna be my frequent wear from now onwards!

Pray for more rainy days.
Hurhurhur πŸ™‚

Can’t stand how dirty is the mirror, had the urge and clean it immediately.
Some OCD i have.

Ahhh, must better now! :)))))
Favourite + Favourite = β™₯


Good employee welfare πŸ˜€
All time favourite: Gongcha’s golden ovaltine

So niceeeee, noms :3

Oh yeh, Im so going to watch this upcoming movie: Already Famous
Watched the trailer and am super eager to watch it already. Hehehehe Michelle Chong is so awesome!

TTR at work!
Feel so satisfied whenever we managed to pack and send out all the parcels πŸ˜€

New part-time minion.
Hahahahaha, check out Jess’s new hair colour!
Preparing for her upcoming prom night! πŸ™‚

So sad i got no prom night to attend when i graduated ):
Missing out too much in my life.

Feel like pinching their face.

End of the day early and managed to head home for some home cook dinner love!
It’s been so long since i had dinner at home -blissful-Β  ^-^

YAWNS, Time for bed!
Long day ahead tomorrow! Plan to hit the gym, but i doubt i can drag myself up.
Hopefully i can!!! Can’t stand myself being so fat.

Okays! Goodnight peeeeps XOXO.


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