Running through my mind

Breakfast makes me a happy girl πŸ˜€
But i can’t seem to wake up these days for breakfast, hahahah perhaps breakfast in bed? Urmmm.
Glad that most of the places are offering brunch now! Love brunch equally as well! πŸ˜€

Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, oh nom nom nom :O

My expression above shows it all.
Hahahah, 1 out of 100 times Sissy and I actually managed to wake up for brekkie! :p

Out of bed look.

Finish breakfast and head back to office for some work! πŸ™‚

Some OTD goodness with Sissylove! ^-^
Top: Cotton on
Belt: I Hearts You Belt in Diesel Blue
Bottom: Dollhouse Paperbag Skirt in Burnt Orange
Cardigan: Upcoming on #thetinselrack!

Perfect for rainy season β™₯
The weather has been damn bad these few days! Glad that i’ve stock up enough knit top and cardigans in my wardrobe πŸ˜€

Hehehe, please check this photo out if you haven’t :p

Spot the crazy girl behind!
HAHAHAHA, 不ηŸ₯ι“εœ¨ enthu δΈͺδ»€δΉˆ.
LAUGH OUT LOUD when we first saw this photo T_T

Popped over to Starbucks for some Christmas beverage.
Toffee nut latte love! πŸ˜€
Always get so excited and hyped up whenever christmas is around the corner!
Christmas = Toffee nut Frappucino

Even though i already know how to whip up a Toffee nut frappucino when i was working at TCC back then.
It’s just different.

With a hint of christmas loving in it πŸ™‚

Hahahaha, im such a bullshit.

Gonna hit Starbucks soon for some Toffee nut frappe soon!
Mmmm, want some right now *\(^-^)/*

Finish invoicing and went to our favourite chinese restaurant for early dinner!
Hahahah, we seem like such gluttons.
Just eat and eat and eat andddddd, continue eating all day long.

And that is because we don’t usually take any photos when we are on our laptops!
We are.. not gluttons at all. Urm, not at all. Hee.

My pissed off face because my flossy hair got tangled super badly.
Grr, i better learn to comb my hair before leaving home. ):


Never get sick of Asian Kitchen!!!!!!!!!
So yummy πŸ˜€

Gonna drag my ε°ε’Œε°š to eat when he books out.
I can’t wait for him to book out this Friday!!!!
He told me he became tanner, gain a little weight (ZOMG, I don’t think i can recognize him!)
Plus all the army boys look the same. HAHAHA.

Miss him, can’t wait! πŸ™‚

What’s running on my mind now:

What should i have for breakfast tomorrow?
Hahahaha, tumblr always make me hungry.
NOT gonna think about it! … Nope, i really shouldn’t be.

WHEEEEEE, jumps off to bed.



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