Looking forward

It’s official, two more days before i can see my army boy!

So happy whenever i see his number flashing on my phone!
And the brainless me left home without my phone yesterday ):
I left it in my freaking wardrobe. Hahahah, i probably left my brain there too.
Anyway! Erica finally came back to help out last week, hehe she has been so busy with her FYP and we missed her so badly!
Luckily Jess and i are on holiday break now sissy is officially out of school 😀
We are just bumming around in the office everyday, so hard to come by!
Wish my holiday can extend till forever!!!!
We had lunch (i typed launch -___- /backspace) ahem, at nex!
Decided on one of the stall in Shokutsu 10, Kabe No Ana
So glad that it turns out to be a good choice!

Wanted to have pasta, but nothing appeals to me.
Had very bad gastric that day,  but the fickle minded me can’t seem to make a choice! ):
Fickle fickle~

The restaurant was empty cause we had our lunch(i typed wrongly again -____-) at 3plus.
Our meal times are so screwed up. No wonder my gastric keeps acting up (most horrible feeling ever!)

Some pictures before our food come!

Horrible explosion when you have an equation of soda + icecream

Felt like an idiot when my drink continue to overflow and make a mess on the table

Baked rice for Erica and me!
This gotta be one of the best baked rice i had!!!
Or perhaps.. we are just too hungry. Hurhur.

Sissy’s spaghetti with overloading mushroom and clams!
Looks yummy, but im never a fan of clams :p

We got the best minion ever please!
Not that she got our favourite drink from KOI, she actually waited for us outside the office because we overslept bigtime!

We are really.. beyond hope.

Gotta love her! ♥
Can’t wait to see this super high and self entertaining girl this week!
She gets even higher when she rewards herself with a can of coke.
Mental minion we have.  HAHAHA

Upcoming batwing chiffon romper in sea green!
Comes in Persimmon, Electric Blue and Black as well!
This gorgeous baby will be available at our new launch tomorrow! 😉

And pardon the creases.. You know how lazy im don’t you? :/
Nowadays, sissy and i only iron our clothes in the office with our pink steam iron!
Hahaha, the tradition method is too much of a hassle :p

Anddddd the Balinese Holiday Tunic! 😉
Love how comfy it feels on my skin!
Now, pop over to TheTinselRack Facebook page to check out our previews if you haven’t! 🙂
Before i go.. I would like to share two more pictures that would totally make my day!

Still cute as ever!

Hahahaha, just learnt from my sissy how to put gifs image and it’s so fun 😀
Shall not bomb anymore gifs image before it turns you off.
Long day ahead tomorrow, shall attempt (ahem) to sleep early tonight!
Ask me ant knee tink

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