Never enough

Yoooohoooo, how did your weekend go? 🙂
Spent my entire weekend from Friday till just now when my boy.

Practically doing everything that he’s deprived of.

1) Ate Mcdonalds,  double Mcspicy (Even though im having sore throat, im such a good girlfriend, :’) HAHA)

2) Caught the movie: You’re the are the Apple of My Eye (Not too bad, but storyline is quite predictable)

3) Drink Koi

4) Visit his precious babygirl

5) Top up all his army necessities

That is about it, how we spent our first bookout weekend 🙂
And im such a bad friend, Bec just came back from Aussie but i haven’t got the time to meet her yet!
): missing my girlfriends hell lot.

But anyway, i finally manage to find sometime last week to meet my girl in SIM to celebrate her birthday! 🙂

WIW: #thetinselrack upoming Vintage 60’s Polka Dot Top in Peach

And if you are observant enough and a lover of this top, you should have already realized that this is the top that a lot of girls have been asking about!

Nicer and better material this time round! 🙂

We had dinner at ITACHO!
I had Japanese for dinner at least three times last week, zomg love Japanese food for life 😀

Sat along the sushi belt cause it was full house by the time we reached!
Don’t really care cause i really really want to have their Salmon Sashimi, (o^^o)

Come, let me introduce.

FY, my best pal from SIM.

Can’t imagine my life without her in school. Hehehe we are probably the slackest students in our lecture hall already :p

My most favourite Salmon Sashimi up to date.


Hahahaha, the thickness is just nice for my liking.
I dislike Sushi Tei’s because their cut is too thick and i won’t ask for more after three slices max
I dislike Ichiban because i think their slices are too thin
And Umi sushi, sometimes their salmon sashimi are not chilled enough.
So hard to find the right one.
Drop me some suggestions for good salmon sashimi!!! 😀

Okay, too much info.
Let’s move on! :p

Expect more Itacho food picture to come in my next few entries.
Went to Itacho again with sissy after dropping stocks at Kissjane, hahaha :p


Heh, popped by ION for some girl shopping goodness 😀

Finally able to pass her the Librarian’s Swallow Cardigan after such a long time!
Me and my goldfish memory ._.

Had some old school ice-cream along orchard road and sat under the christmas tree to chill our night away.
cheap thrill much!

Some silly shots after having our ice-cream, we are girls afterall.
What do you expect. Hehehe.

Okay, maybe only me looking silly.
Hahahaha, so glad that I managed to get some free time on hand and have a simple dinner and night to meet her up. Thought im not gonna see her till school starts 😉

Yuppp, just some  parts and parcel of my last week’s activities.
I promise i will be back with one more preview tomorrow!
Pssst, we should be launching on Tuesday instead. Not tomorrow, sorry hunny bunnies!
We will post up the preview on our facebook page soon! 😀
Back is aching, signing off here.
Sleep early peeps 😉

Ask me ant knee tink


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