Sniff and snuff

Have been feeling super horrible all over through my entire weekend.
I guess I’ll just have to take my Vitamin C more often then, 😥

Not gonna rant how bad my sore throat is, like a tumor growing in my throat.
Hahaha, ooopies.

Im here to bring some previews of the upcoming pieces!

Hide and seek dress in Triangles! 🙂
Love the prints! Thought that the apple prints one is super adorable too!
Had a hard time choosing between this two prints :p
Wore this dress out with my date for my boy’s first bookout.
Miss him truckloads!

Settled our dinner at Marina Square, Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao cause Jack ‘s Place is full house during dinner time.
No choice, postpone that till next week then 😉
Some weird cravings army boys will have before and after they enter/come out from army.
Steak, fast food, durian, crabs? HAHAHA, all the good food.

Heh, silly boy.
Finally out after 2 weeks! 🙂

The UGLIEST xiao long bao that i ever see.


HAHAHA, I stared at it dubiously before putting it in my mouth.
Hahaha, well luckily they tasted okay.

One of our dishes took ages to come, our deep fried frog leg.
We gave up waiting, and get the bill. All the food tasted pretty average, so don’t think we will be back again anyway :>

We stroll through citylink mall and found some Gelato 🙂

1 for 1 from 7pm onwards!!! double 🙂
Stared at each other gleefully and head in for some icecream goodness!

Choices are pretty limited though!
We had some trouble choosing our flavours.. hahaha, such picky customers.

Hahahah, but the icecream are not great at all.

We couldn’t even finish a small cup.
By the way, a small cup cost $6. If there is no 1 for 1, we strongly feel that it is not worth your penny.


Weekend fast forward, i woke up late on Sunday and head over to ben’s place.
Caught some videos and half a Friends with benefit.
Complete it when I bus back from Pasir ris 🙂
Can’t wait for next week already! My life is so eventful sometimes.

Alright, moving on..

Wore the Missy Sixties Lampshade Skirt in Cream today! 😉
Finally collected my cheque from my Blackberry company! It’s been forever.
I was suppose to collect the cheque on 25th Aug, look at your calendar and tell me why I dragged it for a good 3 months.
Hahahaha, even minion Erica can’t stop nagging at me.
Took a snapshot and show her.

So proud of myself. Right.
That’s all for today!

I really need to catch some sleep, if not i can’t recover!! )’:
Goodnight peeeeeps!


2 Comments on “Sniff and snuff”

  1. Eee wtf the xiaolongbaos are really damn deformed man!

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