Bits and pieces

Before this space starts to grow mould and mushrooms, I thought I should post some pictures up!
Heh, but i haven’t transfer photos from the camera, so i just grabbed some photos from my phone!

My weekends are mostly revolving around my army boy, spending quality time together 🙂
He is having his field camp next week and probably won’t be out till 2 weeks time.

We are well-prepared this time round, gotten an extra battery for the phone so we can at least contact via the phone.
It’s getting so routine that both of us are pretty used to his army life already. Heheh, let’s hope that we can survive this! Im pretty sure i can 😉

Outfit of the day: Vintage 60’s Top in Quarry Blue
Chanel inspired shorts in Black, hopefully we can launch this by early next year! 🙂

Can’t believe that we are already going through the last month of 2011.

This is way too fast!

Well, this year has been rather fulfilling and fruitful.

Hopefully 2012 will be even better! 🙂

Anyway, we randomly lunched at Jack’s Place because this request wasn’t complete last weekend!
Ben has been craving for some steak goodness and we thought that maybe we should pop by Jack’s Place since they have pretty good steak 🙂

Set lunch comes with Soup of the Day, Dessert and Coffee/Tea
Very pocket friendly in our opinion 😉

That pretty much explains why there is a small crowd during their lunch time even though their location is  quite secluded.
We went to  the outlet at Ang Mo Kio, it’s near the library and post office! 🙂

B’s Ribeye steak

Grilled boneless chicken which doesn’t really appeal to me.
I don’t know why but im so sick of chicken, so gonna stay away from it for the time being 😦

Postpone our movie session and went home to play with fluffyprincessdog.
Hahahaha, you bet she was so thrilled to see her boyfriend every weekend.

I think the both of them will have insomnia if they don’t meet for a week.
Im just.. the middle man. So now you know, hehe.

Attended Suan hunny bun’s birthday yesterday at Food for thought! (More photos to come when i transfer the photos!)
Love the cake Kat designed, so thoughtful and nice ^-^

My very own customized breakfast

Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and Garlic mushroom 😀
The serving is so big, I can’t finish it. Hahaha maybe next time i should just do without one of the sides!

Some OTDs i previously posted on my instagram (follow me at jongsy)! 🙂

#1 Missy Sixties Lampshade Skirt in Cream

#2 Hide and Seek Dress in Triangles

#3 Garden of love knit top (Upcoming)

#4 Surprise me reversible dress in Hot Hot Pink

#5 Stripey Tank Top
Simple Life Midi Skirt in London Red

#6 Lacet Shorts in Wine Red

#7  So much love Top
Ditsy Blonde Skater Skirt in Dodger Blue

Itacho and Laoban! Im so addicted to them. MAD LOVE.
Laoban queue is so horrible sometimes, 51 soyabean is equally nice. Omg 😦

I got myself craving for tau huey again.
I want~

Everyday bed look 😀

My fluffy babygirl.
Love her tons, can’t live without her. ♥

Im so happy cause i baked cookies last night with Jess!
Oh god and they smell so good!! I wish I have more time to bake, it’s really so fun to adventure on different recipes and  sharing it with your love ones! 🙂

More photos of my cookies in my next post 😀 😀 😀

Now, I should head to bed cause i need to drag my lazy ass up tomorrow morning!
Ask me ant knee tink


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