As seen from my title above, im feeling so tired i can shut down any minute.
Went to bodyattack class today with sissy, and it totally drained me down.

Hahahaha, im a weakling.
Im going to train myself up and become fitter and slimmer before CNY!
So i can eat more goodies. HAHAH.

That aside, despite being so tired, i knew i had to share my love!

Initially thought that the maxi would be too long for me, BUT NOPE!
The maxi is just nice for me, without touching the floor!!! 😀

Im 152cm if you still don’t know. Heheheh.
No worries for petite girls then! HURRAY!

I like to runch it up with a belt too 😉

Can’t express my love for this maxi!
It’s my first maxi ever.

The embellishments are mad pretty! Don’t even have to accessorize it 😉

Catch it from our launch tomorrow night if you love it too!
You won’t regret it 😉

My random OTD for today!
Red stripey square sleeves top with knit polka dots shorts 😀

Horights, just a short update of my OTD!
Please let me sleep for now.

Time for bed 😀



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