Happy Sixteenth!

Sooooo, we celebrated Jess’s sixteen birthday at Prive bakery cafe cause the birthday girl wanted a peaceful night out! 🙂
Since she met her friends at Sentosa in the noon, we thought that Prive would be a good choice.

I’ve been there once and the ambience is pretty good. 😉
Consider that there is not crazy queues and big groups chit chatting in the cafe.
I have already put it on my Friday hangout place list, gonna hunt for more places like this.

Sometimes, i just cooped myself at home during the weekends. Hahahaha, don’t mind me. I just hate crowds and people everywhere.

The star of the night 😀

Pigging out time!
The menu isn’t really fanciful but decent for a simple night out 😉

Bought her a helium balloon as instructed.

Hahahaha, it’s so pretty. Glad she loves it! 🙂
(omg, it’s late at night and my brain is so dead. Minimum captions mode activated)
Some pictures before the food arrives!

The food arrived rather promptly after our orders are placed.
Say yay to hungry stomachs!

I hate long queues and torturous waiting time.
Am definitely coming back again on a weekend night!

Okay, nuff’ said.

We love to have mushroom soup as our starters!

Portobello mushroom salad

Smoked Salmon Salad.
Hahahaha, we look like health nuts cause we had late lunch and went for Sh’Bam class the day before.

Oh godddd, it’s so much fun and you can literally feel like your jiggling fats are bruning away.
I can’t wait to attend next week’s lesson! Hopefully we got free time on hand to attend the class. 😀

Calamari Rings

Fish and Chips.
Even though we didn’t order mains and share all the above among ourselves, it filled our stomach to the brim :O

Time for some sweet surprises!
Sissy and I texted each other and plan out who to order the cake and all.

Just when you think that everything goes according to the plan, the waitress have to mess it up.
Hahahaha, it’s never easy to plan a surprise huh?

She came over and ask sissy if the cake can be served.
Right infront of Jess. Mmmm, how smart 😉

Nah, your cake.
No more surprises!!!
Hahahahaha, it is never gonna succeed. /Sulk like a kid.

Ordered cupcakes instead of sliced cake because i guess they look good and we can try out all the different flavours and share the goodness.
Of course, the calories as well. Hehehe.

Make a wish!
“Mmm, what should i wish for?”
Stoned for 5 seconds…

Finally making her wish after serious considerations.

Harpy birthdaeeeeeeeee! 😀
The staff is sweet to decorate the plate  with happy birthday wordings!



Hahahahaha, anyway the black forest and apple cinnamon cupcakes are the nicest!
Honey and Fig tasted rather strange :/

Pretty birthday girl in Tree Fairy’s Toga Dress in Creme Brulee!

More pictures in the toilet, hehehehe it’s such a girl thing.
Everybody in #thetinselrack’s!!!

Finally brought out our big baby out after a long time.
No ones love to carry this big monster around. Hahaha, it’s so bulky and heavy.

BUT, the pictures turns out to be sharper and nicer.
You choose :p

Im waiting for them to invent a DSLR that weighs last than a kg.

Mmm, trying to take my regular OTD but the bitch behind keeps photobombing!


I got no choice but to include her in.
Hahahaha, what a burden.

YAY, end of this post. Im heading off to play my Roller Coaster Tycoon before heading to bed.
It’s the best childhood game EVER.
The Sims aside.

Hee, don’t take me seriously.

Ask me ant knee tink


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