Girls Support Group!

Finally met my Girls Support Group at Canele to celebrate the December babies birthday!
Oh well, the Girl Support Group mainly consist of Kat, Sop and the three sisters (Joyce, Jess and I).

Even though I see them pretty often, but it is always difficult to gather together and have a good meal πŸ™‚
Enjoyed their company and the hearty girls talk during our dinner.

Can’t wait to gather again! And im guessing that would be CNY already! πŸ™‚

Mega love for the dress that im wearing!
The embellishments and material makes me feel like a princess.

The embellishments is so bling and pretty in real life πŸ˜€
Pretty dresses like this are hard to come by.Β Definitely gonna wear it for CNY too!

Alrighty, time to read the menu and order.
Hungry hungry!

And what did i say on my previous blog post?
Hahahaha, we area true blue mushroom soup lover πŸ˜€

Their mushroom soup is one of the best too!
I was craving for their seafood/crab chowder , but it wasn’t available on the menu ):
Wonder if they have changed the menu or they have a lunch and dinner menu?
I hope they didn’t remove it from the menu.
I love it!

3 out of 5 of us ordered their crepes!
Heheheh, it looks like it is flooded with veggies.

Jess was so horrified upon seeing it. Hahaha :p

Sissy looking happy with her carbonara!

Love the dress that she is wearing as well, the Cocktail Lounge Dress! πŸ˜‰

Time for dessert.
Damn excited cause their macarons are so chewy and awesome!
One of the best macarons Β I ever had, slurps πŸ˜€

My favourite has to be hazelnut praline!
Rocksocks, they make my heart dance. Hehehe.

Would like to have it in rose flavour too, but it was not available that night ):

Super hardworking running around taking photos cause we brought big baby out again!
Love all the photos turn out to be so clear and prettay!

Kat’s epic expression upon seeing all the yummy looking desserts

Say hi to our December babies!

Yay, done with birthday wish and blowing out the candle. And of course.. time to dig in!
Heehee, glutton!

No.. ):
More photos before we destroy the cake and looking unglam and all. Hahahah.

Request the waitress to take a group photo for us!
Impossible to take a self shot with a DSLR. It kills.

We took quite an amount of photos that night!
Hehehe, Kat in TTR basic tank and Fairy Lights Fishtail skirt that you girls went so crazy over it.

Makes me feel like digging out the navy piece which we kept previously!
I know, i know you girls love the skirt so much!

Don’t worry, we will definitely inform you girls when the new colours arrive πŸ˜€

Everybody in TTR outfit!
Basic Tank Top, Fairy Lights Fishtail, Embellished Bib Dress, Skatergal Flouncy Dress, Morning Breeze Shrug and Cocktail Lounge Dress πŸ˜€

Jess wanted to wear the Sassy Girl Romper, but without my help she can’t find the romper anywhere in the house.
Only the belt is from TTR, hehe.
Hence known as the traitor of the night! :p

Went out of Paragon and saw the elephant in Muji Prints!
Kat can’t maintain and ran over to take a picture with her favourite printed elephant πŸ˜€

I risked my life to take this photo!
Keep stepping back to have a better shot of them with the lightings but the road is just behind me -.-

Hahaha, i think their heart almost pop out whenever I take a step back. LOL

Walked over to Cineleisure to pick the car up and they went to write their wishes on the ball too!

Hahaha, all TTR related!
Major love for them too!Β β™₯
Anyway, we have just uploaded the preview for tomorrow’s collection on Facebook already.
Go check them out, the pictures and items that we are going to launch tomorrow are so lovely! πŸ˜€

Still don’t wanna go?

Provide you with the link already!!!

Ask me ant knee tink


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