Last christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away.

Omg, i stinked like a bomb after having Sukiya with my TTR team!
Just went to have a good bathe and I smell so good now 😀

Finally finish resizing and uploading the photos on photobucket and here I am!
But i can’t elaborate much cause i have to do some packing for the Genting trip 🙂

Yes, Im going Genting with my aunt’s family and sisters!

Even though, it’s just malaysia (like chey) but i really appreciate short getaway.

Now that I don’t have the luxury to travel whenever I want. Hahaha, Genting is good.

I miss Genting!

Met my favourite bunch of girls last week!
I’ve been a very bad friend, haven’t meet my friend from Aussie ever since she is back! ):

Glad that I managed to end work early and head off to Holland to meet them for dinner! 🙂

My favourite piece of cardigan upcoming in #thetinselrack!
Have wore the black and red piece out.

Gonna wear the panel and cream one out when im at Genting.
Hehehehe, such nice cardigan are so hard to come by.  🙂

They are gonna keep me warm in my lecture theatre!
Speaking of which, school is starting real soon. OMG D:

Dinner was planned at Aji No Mori! 🙂

Cozy interior 🙂
Shoes have to be removed before entering the dining area!
Makes me wonder what if i have ultra smelly feet? Won’t it affect people’s appetite ? Hahahah.


Becksy, my aussie friend. Hehehe, 3 more years and she will be officially back! 😀
And a rare picture of Sunny after forcing her to smile at the camera. #toocool.


Snap snap while waiting for the rest of the food arrive!

Ramen in Shoyu soup base.
I had it in Tonkotsu, but i dislike their noodle type ):
They named it chinese noodles?

We didn’t even manage to finish half the bowl of ramen.  ):

Salmon Sashimi which tasted like blah.

Unagi + Avocado + Mayonnaise

Grilled mushroom with cheese 😀
Love it!

Reading the menu and deciding if we should have some desserts there since the mains are pretty disappointing.


And more camwhoring while we decide.
Hahahaha. Behold.

Present from Australia!
Pretty jellybeans in test tubes. Hehehehe.

They are in different flavours and they look so good! 😀

I wanted to choose strawberry.
Cause they are pink and look so cute #bimboforamoment
But after trying them, i decided to change mine to the cola one! Hahahahah.

Went over to have some island creamery goodness.
Their nutella icecream was pretty good, but bbg and i didn’t order any cause our tummy are gonna explode anytime.

Popped over to bbg’s house cause Sunny and Bec wanna visit Lionel!
You bet, the naughty boy has grown so much since my first visit! 🙂

Hello Lionel boy 🙂

He attended his first lesson of obedience class!
Obedient at times only when there is food or he want to. Hahaha.
He’s a really active and hyper pup!

Totally in love with all the balls lying around on the floor.
He goes crazy if you try to snatch the ball away from him.

And being a pup, he went around eating all the tree leaves and branches at the balcony.
Hahaha, really silly.

Yay, finally gotcha! 🙂
He’s freaking 9 kg now and i can’t really carry him now ):
I would break my bones.

Hahahaha xiaobai is only 1.7kg? Lighter than my laptop!

Now, back to your playpen! 🙂

We sat by his playpen and stared at him throughout the night and talk about almost everything we have missed out during these few months!

Im already missing them, don’t know when will i get to meet them again! ):
I know im so going to be occupied with school and work.

Time management. I really need to get myself a 2012 organizer soon!
Before everything get messy and screwed up.

Hahaha, i picked out what im going to wear for my 3 days at Genting already.
All my favourite knit wears. HURRAY 😀

On the side note, my 小和尚 is going to have a lonely christmas this year.
Don’t feel lonely cause I will be back soon enough before you hear my naggy talks again. Hee.

Have a Merry Christmas bb! ❤
And to anyone who is still reading this space!


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