just give me the jeez and we be clubbing yow

Have transform into a full time mugger these few days!

Taking a break from all the ant-sized words and notes. I need a kik-kat, heh 🙂


Took a few photos of what i wore to study at my favourite studying place.

Wore a tassle top in creme and leggings from UNIQLO.

A cute birdy tanktop plus red cardigan. ALL FROM SISSY’S WARDROBE 🙂
Like a treasure hunt, I love to hunt clothes from there.

Went for my last reggae class on SATURDAY.

Picture with my entertaining and petite reggae instructor CAROL 🙂
I will definitely miss her classes! Reggae two will probably have to wait till jess finish her olevel.


Popped over to esplanade for the Ballerina who loves Bboy!
It’s a Korean breakdance musical.

Ballerina who loves B-boy depicts a ballerina from a rich family who falls in love with the main character after watching him breakdance in a club. Mesmerised by his energetic and charismatic dancing, the ballerina gradually falls in love with breakdancing as well. Though they love each other, they are separated by a group that interferes with their love. While searching for the B-boy, the ballerina starts to learn his break dancing routines. She works hard at perfecting her dance steps, hoping to show him her own dance style when she eventually finds him.

Even the show lasted for 90minutes, Jess and i enjoyed watching their performance and storyline

Couldnt stop raving about it to Ben when he came to pick us up.
Hehehehe 🙂

Couldn’t wait couldn’t wait for my last paper to come and end!
There is a list of activities waiting for me already!

EEEE-HAH, sissy is back from BKK!
Waiting for her to share her loots with me -grins-

Nights all!