The reason I love you is all that we’ve been through

How was your weekends? πŸ™‚
I just realized i didn’t mention anything about my Valentines’ Day! Hahahaha, i must admit that im a horrible girlfriend.

I felt so burnt out last week and i thought we are not gonna celebrate vday at all, so i didn’tΒ prepare/bake anything for Ben! :O

Anyway, i already know what i want to buy for him!
Just that it has been so longggggg since i went to town -____-

I’ve been a really good girl, hahahaha, managed to take some OTD these few days! πŸ™‚

Today’s outfit of the day
TTR upcoming lace crochet top in chantilly pink and TTR Ringmaster’s hi waist shorts in camel
Have been wearing this top ever since the day it arrivesΒ β™₯Β It’s so awesome, matched all my bottoms!

The kind of top i would look for when im lazy to think about what to wear.
Easy yet not too slouchy cause the lace details are so intricate + gorgeous!

TTR Mod Polka Dot Top in White paired with upcoming flare shorts!
Brighten up my day in school πŸ™‚

I need to plan out all my outfits before i head to bed every night, if not i might just get lazy and grab a random top and denim shorts.
I can’t get out of my bed every morning. ): To think that im having a 8.30am class tomorrow, listening to the lecturer telling me what is right and what is wrong. Wrong might be right too, oh no no no.

TTR Betty Boop’s Skater Dress in Black Hearts

It was a love at first sight when the stocks arrive.
And when I throw the dress on, can’t stop raving about how great the cutting is πŸ™‚

Met my bunch of friends at Blackbird cafe on friday evening πŸ™‚
I tried my best to meet them cause i hardly have the time to!

My friday night was well spent with them, even though i abandoned Ben for the first time.
Hahahaha, the rest of my Saturday and Sunday were spent watching movies and satisfying our food cravings (e.g Laoban :D)

By the way Underworld is such a great movie πŸ˜‰ Please watch it if you’re planning to catch a movie this week.
Even though the latest one that is showing only lasted 88 minutes, the action and graphics are awesome.

Moving on moving on.

My friend Huiting decided to bring her babysister along for dinner.
Check out the little imp above, hahaha.

She’s mischievous yet so adorable at the same time! πŸ™‚

Max and Shawn the army boys

And here’s Huiting and max! πŸ™‚
My portobello risotto πŸ™‚
The food arrived shortly after orders were placed.
The service was prompt and the staff were attentive. The food were not bad but nothing to rave about.
Nevertheless, a great place to chillout with your date on a Friday night! πŸ™‚

My friends orderedΒ lasagna, pastas and burgers!

PK πŸ™‚

Together with bobs! Hehehe, don’t ask me why we call her bobs πŸ˜‰

Yiting sure likes me a lot that night.
Hahahaha, she keeps wanting me to go to the other area so that she can sit on the wooden chair.

Say hello πŸ™‚

She insisted on taking a photo for me.
Hahahaha πŸ™‚

8 years and counting πŸ™‚
Can’t meet them for a dinner, celebration or house gathering again!

And now, time for me to head to bed even though i don’t feel very tired yet.
I bet i can’t drag myself up when the alarm clock rings.

Goodnight, xoxo πŸ™‚


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We could burn brighter than the sun

I should be in bed sleeping, not sitting in the living room typing this post out. In the end can’t drag my ass up for school the next morning. Hahaha, i always regret for not sleeping early the night before ):

But my weak stomach is giving me problems again, feeling so bloated.
Anyway just another short entry before the weekend is here! πŸ™‚

One of my rare outfit of the day shots.
Cause I could barely open my eyes, couldn’t bother with my wet and tangled hair every single day.
I look really terrible and tired cause all the projects are here to haunt me.
Hence im hereby to announced that no OTD pictures this week ):

Unless you wanna see me in boring tees and shorts.

And this was probably taken last week?
Check out my duo tone nail polish.HAHAHA, im actually so lazy to get them remove until i saw this picture T_T
Love my clean and short nails now! πŸ™‚

This is 2 out of 100 times that Sissy and i actually managed to wake up for breakfast.
Some plans got cancelled, but we don’t want to waste the glorious morning away!

So we ended up at Coffee bean! -____-
We wanted Arbite, but only get to know that they open at 11am when we reached.

Yeah, we woke up that early. Hahahaha.

For the chocolate lovers! πŸ™‚
Double chocolate latte for her and double chocolate for me!

Hi, would you like to check out my morning puffy face and eyes? πŸ™‚

We’ve got ourselves salmon scrambled eggs!
I never understand this until i tried salmon sashimi and having cravings for salmon now and then.


Hehehe, loving the polkadot long sleeves top sissy is wearing.
Im gonna wear it to school tomorrow and head for my dental appointment with Sissy D:

One of my fillings decided to drop up one fine morning, so i got to get it fix.
I pray hard that my teeth are healthy, since my last visit to the horrible dentist was about 1 year ago?


Hahahah, sorry for the abrupt picture of a plate of wanton mee.
Aww, makes me hungry ):

Met boyf , my friend Johans and his girlfriend at Changi Village before heading to Aloha Changi Resort to attend Cynthia’s 21st birthday! πŸ˜‰

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to get together after graduation. Everyone heading separate ways, accomplishing things in life.
So glad that I went because I really had a good time catching up with my poly friends!

And here’s the star of the day!
She was one of my greatest support during poly days, those good ol’ days πŸ˜‰

Giving her the present that we’ve got for her! πŸ™‚
Hahahaha, it’s really a headache when it comes to getting presents.

And this year, all my friends are turning 21years old!
Im going to be so brokeeeeeee πŸ˜₯

But, i know im so going to have fun this year attending all my friend’s birthday party.
Hehehehe, that aside i’ve already missed 3 of my friend’s birthday celebration.


It must be really tedious and tiring to organize birthday parties!
I think i might go crazy just thinking about it.
Im just want to have a simple celebration with my love ones, having fun, small talks, laughing out loud, nothing fanciful.


Dreading for the day to come though, turning 21.
I wanna be forever 21, hahaha how epic.

Ending off with this ghostly picture of my bennyboy.
Hehehehe, so artistic thanks to me.

Really need to catch some sleep now, feel like skipping school everyday.

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I love you for a thousand years

I hope your week has been kind to you! πŸ™‚
As you all should already know, mine started off pretty badly.

Plus there were some projects deadline to meet this week, my week has been rather hectic (as usual, what’s new right?!)
I foresee myself squeezing my schedule next few weeks, finding slots to hit the gym and keeping my weekend free for my boy πŸ™‚

Went visiting the last two weeks at my bbg’s house! πŸ™‚
OTD: Basic Tank + Floral Blossoms Paperbag Skirt in Yellow Peonies

I am so in love with the cutting of the skirt, my most favourite pair of paperbag skirt up to date ^-^v

Her sibilings and her invited their friends along too!
Everyone is still in the CNY mood that weekend, gamble, good food and catching up πŸ™‚

Went up to her bedroom to continue our girls talk, while the rest of the young fellas played captain’s ball outside.
Feel so old suddenly! ):

I can’t even remember the last time i played captain’s ball already.

Nownownow, lemme bring you on a virtual tour of my bbg’s room!

Love the wall of photo collage that bbg has on her wall πŸ™‚
I wanted a polaroid wall so badly, but don’t even have the time to take polariods and stick them on the wall.

Sometimes, i yearned to have a room to myself so i can spend time decorating it and have a corner of my own.
But i really dislike the fact that i’ll have to sleep alone (im scared) if im not sharing bedroom with my sisters.

SO NEEDY. Hehehe :p

Sounds like a diet plan to me πŸ˜‰

Frantically flip the calendar to month of may and check if she had forgetten about my birthday!
Hahahaha, gotta spare her for not writing it the wrong date.

My friends tend to remember that my birthday falls on either the 8th/10th.
When they got my birthday wrongly say 8th, they will o.o and “Oh on the 10th right???” -____-
WELL, i don’t blame them. My birth date is just so easy to forget.
It’s 9th May, 9th May 9th May!!!!!!


This piece of shit got me clueless. I see no purpose and function in it.
Maybe it is a toy for kids or to collect dust somehow? Hehehe.

Sunny made us each a bottle of our favourite baked honey cereal!!!!
I can gobble the entire bottle myself, hehehe so fattening but eat first think later? HAHAH.

Say hello to our big fella here! LIONEL BOY πŸ˜€
It’s been 1 or 2 months since i see him, and he grew quite a bit already!

Hee, can’t wait to see him in his full size πŸ˜‰

We went for a short walk around the houses and decided to have some high tea at a cafe nearby! πŸ™‚

Joan Bowen Cafe.

The Joan Bowen CafΓ© was established on 9 August 2009 as a unique arts themed cafΓ© cum culinary centre with a new and innovative approach for training and imparting essential life-long skills to young adults with special needs. We want to cultivate an inclusive, fun and loving environment for youths to flourish and feel cherished in.


What’s underneath my leg.
If you haven’t realized, it’s actually part of the traditional sewing machine πŸ™‚

Pets are not allowed there.
But the staffs working on that day were very kind, they allow us to sit outside of the cafe with Lionel! πŸ™‚

We ordered a brownie and oreo cheese cake (in the background).
Brownie > Oreo Cheese Cake hands down.

The cheese cake looks kind of odd, it looks like icecream cake but it is nothing near to that.

Nothing can ever go wrong with brownies + a scoop of vanilla icecream can it?

I actually wanted to blog more about my CNY weekends, but i guess i will stop for now πŸ™‚
Need to go bathe and go for some icecream!

Wheeee, thank god it’s F.R.I.D.A.Y πŸ˜‰
Enjoy your weekends with your love ones!

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My weekend!

This week has been really hectic for me ):

School have just started and it happened to be Ben’s block leave!
Im really trying my best to balance everything.

Im so glad that i’ve managed to catch up with my girls before school starts!

Dinner was at Torte, located at waterloo street.
We had a hard time finding the location of the cafe. Omg, these girls always like to find all the secluded cafes.

Super adventurous please!

Today’s Special! πŸ™‚

The food menu choices was pretty limited though.
So we only ordered their Sausage Risotto in Marina Sauce and Roasted Chicken Leg! πŸ™‚

The iced tea tasted weird though, don’t try it!
Hahahaha :p

After dinner activity:

Headed over to Clarke Quay cause the girls wanted to check this bar out! πŸ™‚

It’s the Chupitos bar!

They’ve got this really special concotion!
Would really love to try it the next time, heheh sounds so interesting!

Reminds me of my favourite childhood icecream πŸ˜€

We ordered 12 shots in 3 flavours!
Gin Fizz, Lychee Lambada anddddd Condom!
Ordered it cause it sounds so interesting. Hahahaha.

So it goes this way: take the shot of drink, (don’t gulp it down)
Instead take the straw with the bubble and transfer the shot from your mouth to the bubble!

Hahahahaha, sounds really disgusting.
But you’re the one drinking it in the end anyway! :p

Once the bubble is filled with the shot, then use your mouth to bite off the entire bubble!
And it was really a disaster. Hahahah gets pretty messy after that so be prepared if you’re taking this shot πŸ˜€


Finished our drinks and suddenly got the cravings for some Turkish Icecream!

Hahahah, they are always being so ridiculous before you actually get your cup of icecream from them!

But the icecream didn’t turn out to be as nice as i thought it would be ):
The one I had at chaktutuk was so awesome πŸ˜€

The girls’ faces are so red after the shots!
Hahahahaha, bth.

My blood circulation was so bad cause i look totally fine and normal.
Went back home after that and drifted off to my wonderland.


Cause i had to wake up super early the next day for Ben’s POP!
I was so afraid that i might overslept.

Why must they hold the ceremony at such unearthly timing? ):

OTD: Lace Embossed Top
Summer Flirt Skirt in Navy.

Omg, look at those creases on the skirt.
Didn’t iron cause im afraid i might run late meeting his family!

His POP was held at the Marina’s floating platform.
Beautiful scenery but the sun was glaring at us from the start of the ceremony ):


And the boysΒ are out! πŸ™‚
Or should I say man? Hahahahaha.

I was spacing out most of the time though.
Hahahaha. Β Luckily it ended pretty fast (in an hour’s time?) and we are able to pick him up and get home! πŸ™‚


Pictures with the man!!! πŸ˜€

Hahahaha, and i must say.
They really stinked like a bomb! HAHAHAHA

So glad that he finally passed out from his basic military training and don’t have to go back to Tekong anymore! πŸ˜€
We even managed to squeeze out the weekend and plan a trip to Batam! I can’t wait for it already!

Anyway, im going on my bare face mode these few weeks cause my face condition has been really bad recently ):
All my pimples are popping out on my chin. THEY ARE SO UGLY ): x1000000

I hope they will get better before CNY please.
OKAY, shall not think anymore! If not more pimples are gonna pop out again.

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day in school! D:

And a happy new year!

Hope your Christmas was awesome!
Yeppppps, Im finally back from my Genting trip. Hehehe.
Genting was so chilly (freaking 13degrees) and foggy, can’t go to the theme park for nuts. Super sad about it ):
Anyway, here’s what happened in the office before Christmas!

Our Xmas Edition Minions! πŸ˜€
In the minion uniform and head gears.

Hahahaha, love them so much for running up and down meeting the customers!

Chocolates to give away!

Cuppycakes as well.
I was so sad cause Twelve Cupcakes ran out of the Red Velvet Cupcakes ):

Guess it’s too popular huh.
But the Salted Caramel one tasted super nice too, calories worthy. Hee

A gift from our customer, Hazel ;D

It was so torturing.
Hahahaha, we took like ten thousands shots before i can put my cupcake in the fridge and in my tummy.

I kinda like my cupcake chilled :p
The cupcake is soooooo fluffy and not overly sweet. AWWWWSUM.

Hahahaha, check out our expressions. Hungry cupcakes soul.
Dying to have a second one, but NOOOO.

Diet gonna fail already.
Hahahaha. ):

OTD: TTR Vintage 60’s Top in White with black dots (favourite!)
I would like to pronounce it as Pab-bur-rat

Matched it with TTR Super or not hi waist shorts! Β Love the cutting of the shorts.
Hehehe, so nice! πŸ˜€

TTR Warehouse Inspired Skirt which willΒ Β be in the upcoming launch.

Betcha can’t wait can’t wait! πŸ˜€

Upcoming knit top!
Hahaha, i can’t explain how much i love the next collection.

There’s gonna be so much knit tops and cardigans!
You can’t have too much knit wear can you? πŸ˜‰

I brought it to the Genting Trip as well. Hahaha, my mum is so gonna die from all the washing. ):


Hehehe, how i wish i was born in colder countries.
Cause will be able to wear thick and fuzzy wear everyday!

Well well, they are great for air conditional places too.
Speaking of that, it reminds me of my lecture hall.

And i still can’t believe that my school is gonna start in two weeks time. ):

I hope everything will be kinder to me.
I promise i will work hard. And i have to ):

Alrightys, that’s all for today!
Let’s all hope that year 2012 will be a better year! πŸ™‚

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Last christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away.

Omg, i stinked like a bomb after having Sukiya with my TTR team!
Just went to have a good bathe and I smell so good now πŸ˜€

Finally finish resizing and uploading the photos on photobucket and here I am!
But i can’t elaborate much cause i have to do some packing for the Genting trip πŸ™‚

Yes, Im going Genting with my aunt’s family and sisters!

Even though, it’s just malaysia (like chey) but i really appreciate short getaway.

Now that I don’t have the luxury to travel whenever I want. Hahaha, Genting is good.

I miss Genting!

Met my favourite bunch of girls last week!
I’ve been a very bad friend, haven’t meet my friend from Aussie ever since she is back! ):

Glad that I managed to end work early and head off to Holland to meet them for dinner! πŸ™‚

My favourite piece of cardigan upcoming in #thetinselrack!
Have wore the black and red piece out.

Gonna wear the panel and cream one out when im at Genting.
Hehehehe, such nice cardigan are so hard to come by. Β πŸ™‚

They are gonna keep me warm in my lectureΒ theatre!
Speaking of which, school is starting real soon. OMG D:


Dinner was planned at Aji No Mori! πŸ™‚

Cozy interior πŸ™‚
Shoes have to be removed before entering the dining area!
Makes me wonder what if i have ultra smelly feet? Won’t it affect people’s appetite ? Hahahah.


Becksy, my aussie friend. Hehehe, 3 more years and she will be officiallyΒ back! πŸ˜€
And a rare picture of Sunny after forcing her to smile at the camera. #toocool.


Snap snap while waiting for the rest of the food arrive!

Ramen in Shoyu soup base.
I had it in Tonkotsu, but i dislike their noodle type ):
They named it chinese noodles?

We didn’t even manage to finish half the bowl of ramen. Β ):

Salmon Sashimi which tasted like blah.

Unagi + Avocado +Β Mayonnaise

Grilled mushroom with cheese πŸ˜€
Love it!

Reading the menu and deciding if we should have some desserts there since the mains are pretty disappointing.


And more camwhoring while we decide.
Hahahaha. Behold.

Present from Australia!
Pretty jellybeans in test tubes. Hehehehe.

They are in different flavours and they look so good! πŸ˜€

I wanted to choose strawberry.
Cause they are pink and look so cute #bimboforamoment
But after trying them, i decided to change mine to the cola one! Hahahahah.

Went over to have some island creamery goodness.
Their nutella icecream was pretty good, but bbg and i didn’t order any cause our tummy are gonna explode anytime.

Popped over to bbg’s house cause Sunny and Bec wanna visit Lionel!
You bet, the naughty boy has grown so much since my first visit! πŸ™‚

Hello Lionel boy πŸ™‚

He attended his first lesson of obedience class!
Obedient at times only when there is food or he want to. Hahaha.
He’s a really active and hyper pup!

Totally in love with all the balls lying around on the floor.
He goes crazy if you try to snatch the ball away from him.

And being a pup, he went around eating all the tree leaves and branches at the balcony.
Hahaha, really silly.

Yay, finally gotcha! πŸ™‚
He’s freaking 9 kg now and i can’t really carry him now ):
I would break my bones.

Hahahaha xiaobai is only 1.7kg? Lighter than my laptop!

Now, back to your playpen! πŸ™‚

We sat by his playpen and stared at him throughout the night and talk about almost everything we have missed out during these few months!

Im already missing them, don’t know when will i get to meet them again! ):
I know im so going to be occupied with school and work.

Time management. I really need to get myself a 2012 organizer soon!
Before everything get messy and screwed up.

Hahaha, i picked out what im going to wear for my 3 days at Genting already.
All my favourite knit wears. HURRAY πŸ˜€

On the side note, my ε°ε’Œε°š is going to have a lonely christmas this year.
Don’t feel lonely cause I will be back soon enough before you hear my naggy talks again. Hee.

Have a Merry Christmas bb! ❀
And to anyone who is still reading this space!

Never enough

Yoooohoooo, how did your weekend go? πŸ™‚
Spent my entire weekend from Friday till just now when my boy.

Practically doing everything that he’s deprived of.

1) Ate Mcdonalds, Β double Mcspicy (Even though im having sore throat, im such a good girlfriend, :’) HAHA)

2) Caught the movie: You’re the are the Apple of My Eye (Not too bad, but storyline is quite predictable)

3) Drink Koi

4) Visit his precious babygirl

5) Top up all his armyΒ necessities

That is about it, how we spent our first bookout weekend πŸ™‚
And im such a bad friend, Bec just came back from Aussie but i haven’t got the time to meet her yet!
): missing my girlfriends hell lot.

But anyway, i finally manage to find sometime last week to meet my girl in SIM to celebrate her birthday! πŸ™‚

WIW: #thetinselrack upoming Vintage 60’s Polka Dot Top in Peach

And if you are observant enough and a lover of this top, you should have already realized that this is the top that a lot of girls have been asking about!

Nicer and better material this time round! πŸ™‚

We had dinner at ITACHO!
I had Japanese for dinner at least three times last week, zomg love Japanese food for life πŸ˜€

Sat along the sushi belt cause it was full house by the time we reached!
Don’t really care cause i really really want to have their Salmon Sashimi, (o^^o)

Come, let me introduce.

FY, my best pal from SIM.

Can’t imagine my life without her in school. Hehehe we are probably the slackest students in our lecture hall already :p

My most favourite Salmon Sashimi up to date.


Hahahaha, the thickness is just nice for my liking.
I dislike Sushi Tei’s because their cut is too thick and i won’t ask for more after three slices max
I dislike Ichiban because i think their slices are too thin
And Umi sushi, sometimes their salmon sashimi are not chilled enough.
So hard to find the right one.
Drop me some suggestions for good salmon sashimi!!! πŸ˜€

Okay, too much info.
Let’s move on! :p

Expect more Itacho food picture to come in my next few entries.
Went to Itacho again with sissy after dropping stocks at Kissjane, hahaha :p


Heh, popped by ION for some girl shopping goodness πŸ˜€

Finally able to pass her the Librarian’s Swallow Cardigan after such a long time!
Me and my goldfish memory ._.

Had some old school ice-cream along orchard road and sat under the christmas tree to chill our night away.
cheap thrill much!

Some silly shots after having our ice-cream, we are girls afterall.
What do you expect. Hehehe.

Okay, maybe only me looking silly.
Hahahaha, so glad that I managed to get some free time on hand and have a simple dinner and night to meet her up. Thought im not gonna see her till school starts πŸ˜‰

Yuppp, just some Β parts and parcel of my last week’s activities.
I promise i will be back with one more preview tomorrow!
Pssst, we should be launching on Tuesday instead. Not tomorrow, sorry hunny bunnies!
We will post up the preview on our facebook page soon! πŸ˜€
Back is aching, signing off here.
Sleep early peeps πŸ˜‰

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