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When you were only 5 years old, I said I Love You.
You asked Me: “What is it?”

When you were 15 years old, I said I Love You.
You blushed, you look down and smile.

When you were 20 years old, I said I Love You.
You put your head on my shoulder and hold my hand, afraid that I might disappear.

When you were 25 years old, I said I Love you.
You prepare breakfast and serve it in front of me,  kiss my forehead and said : “You better be quick, you’re gonna be late.”

When you were 30 years old, I said I Love You.
You Said: “If you really love me, please come back early after work.”

When you were 40 years old, I said I Love You.
You were cleaning the dining table and said: “Okay dear, but it’s time for you to help our kid with his revision.”

When you were 50 years old, I said I Love You.
You were knitting and you laugh at me.

When you were 60 years old, I said I Love You.
You smile at me.

When you were 70 years old, I said I Love You.
We sitting on the rocking chair with our glasses on, I’m reading your love letter that you sent to me 50 years ago, with our hands crossing together.

When you were 80 years old, you said You Love Me.
I didn’t say anything but cried.

There are many ways of expressing love but nothing can possess the same magic of these 3 words when said in return ♥

Hongkonggggg.. Anyone still wants to read it? Hurhur

Photobucket is not cooperating.

I think it hates me.

Okay, off to bed now.


Mini Clearance!


Turquoise comes with baby yellow lining!

We always have a thing going for embroidered dresses, even more so for unique designs like this piece we manufactured! Inspired by F21, we improvised and made changes to it so that we can bring a perfect dress to you girls here at TTR! And we dare say, the outcome was a more gorgeous dress than the original one itself. Comes in four quirky colour combinations that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! (PLEASE STATE COLOUR WHEN COMMENTING!)

Measurements: Ptp: 17″ Length: 31″ Best fits UK6-10 Made of quality chiffon material, fully lined. Workmanship of the embroidery is absolutely exquisite! Comes with side zip and hidden rubber band at waist for easy wearing.

Condition: 10/10

Do note that NO refunds/exchanges allowed

Please email to: if you are keen to purchase!

Palloncino Dress in Paddington Yellow

SGD 32


We were more than thrilled when this dress arrived because it was love at first sight for us when we saw it on the runway! The version which we manufactured is definitely more wearable and casual, we love it so much that we kept both colours for ourselves! The material feels expensive to touch, and the cutting of this dress is made so superb that its really flattering when worn! Be charmed by this piece which we’ve proudly manufactured and brought to you. Complimentary thick obi belt will given with every dress purchased. (As seen on Mel)


Ptp: 21″ Length: 36″ (when unhitched) Hips across: 16-17″

Best fits UK6-8 (Do note that the hips area will be hugging for UK10)

Made of polyester gabardine material. Inner lining at skirting portion. Complimentary obi belt of same colour as dress.

Condition: 10/10
Do note that NO refunds/exchanges allowed

Please email to: if you are keen to purchase!

Im glad you came.

Glad that my week has been fruitful and packed with activities! (:
So busy till i got no time for my friend who just came back from aussie!

Hopefully i can really find time to meet them this saturday! (:

Thank god for iphone and instragram, ive been taking photos diligently!
Uploading of photos can never be as easy!! 😀

And the best part is……. i don’t have to resize my photos! :p


I love my Jill Stuart’s makeup!
Im glad that the staff chose the right tone of blusher and loose powder for me (:

Really don’t know what to do when they runs out!! ):


Anyw, all the photos are the recollections of what i’ve been doing for the past two months.
Love to take  my OTD more than ever and editing them with special effects!

I promise i will take care of you, sunshine (:

My iphone cover is now in the colour of sunshine!
So shall name it as sunshine.  bwahaha (:


And lastly, sissy was sharing this with me.
The first one is so cute and related!!

Hahaha, who shall be irritate us will enjoy this royal treatment!

I should always remind myself to keep calm as i tend to get panic attacks whenever there is a hiccup.
Totally bad that controlling my brain.


Gotta be up early tomorrow, so y’know what…
TIME FOR BEDDDDD! Wanna dive into my comfy bed so badly and never wakes up :p

(Gotta find sometime to blog about my third day of my HK trip!!)

Toodles!  ♥



Ask me ant knee tink


I just turned another year older for 43 minutes already.

Omg ):

I. feel. old.

Hahahaha, not really la! Im young at heart okay. 😛

Feel super blessed cause bennyboy and babygirl called  me at 12 to wish me Happy birthday!
Awwww, sweeeeet ♥♥♥♥

Alrighty, i shall get my deserved beauty sleep cause im the Queen tomorrow!

Hahahah, who gets into my way shall have his/her head chopped off (:

Goooooodnight yall!! (:

TTR love <3

Photobucket is not working at the moment and it’s pissing me off.
I want to have a decent post.
But anyw here’s me wearing the mod retro skirt in brick and strut down the runway jumpsuit!!
Im in love 😀

Wore this yesterday when im heading to SIM to certified my transcript.

All the way down to certify one transcript. Gosh.

I cant imagine when school starts i will face long bus rides, boring lectures and sleepy tutorials again.

Few more months to go.

 The skirt ends off nicely below my knee, mid calf.

It somehow makes my waist looks smaller too 😀

Pardon me for the messy background. I can’t stand it too!

Im a cleanliness freak


And my ultimate loveeeee, wore it to take a picture and i never want to take it off.

It’s a instant glam up jumpsuit. Look so good on its on already.

It was altered 3inches shorter, but i wore a 4inches tall wedges?


IT’S SO PRETTTTTY and make me feel so good wearing them.

I feel so tall, hahahaha.

More photos of it when photobucket feels like doing work!

It’s another great long weekend, enjoy! Adioooos.

Ask me ant knee tink