Goodnight kiss

Gonna be so enthu and blog about my 4 days 3 nights at Bangkok, the land of smile πŸ™‚
We are seriously glad to be home, cause we are so homesicked.

Im glad that boyf is getting well from the food poisoning already.
We had our share of spurging our thai baht and this time round, it was rather a fufilling trip!

Getting ready to fly off with a floral luggage sissy bought during her last bkk trip.
Love it cause it’s so preeetay πŸ˜€

Anyone tried the huge slide located in T3?
It’s super cool and we almost wanted to try it!

But i think you have to redeem tickets from somewhere. hmmm.

Decided to have our last meal in Singapore at TCC (:
Need to curb that craving of ours.

Our all time favourite!

Basically it’s a pasta dish, soaked in rich cream sauce with chicken and carrots chunks.
We never get sick of that! πŸ˜€

Dark devotion.

Im really all devoted to it ❀

Board the flight slightly late, ooops.
Take off at 8.40pm. We damn afraid that we might miss the flight!

Journey took about 2 hours (:
Some books and music to get us through.

Bangkok’s timing is 1hour behind Singapore!
So we head straight to our hotel, MYHOTEL. Not kidding, the hotel name is MYHOTEL okay.
The thailand immigration officer was laughing at me when i put that as my hotel name!


So we sort of wasted our first day cause the flight was cheaper this way.
Slept in and woke up early in the morning to get ready to hunt down CHATUCHAK!

It’s a weekend market and it’s impossible for you to walk through the entire market if you see how big it is.

Wore the TTR’s waterfall spring top in white to kickstart my day!

Get our pathethic breakfast at the hotel lobby.
Hehehehe, we dont expect much because we only pay $20 per pax one night!

Stayed there as well on our previous bangkok trip and we pretty like it.
It’s centrally located because no matter where we cab to, the cabfare is always around 60baht max only!

Which is $2.50 SGD ONLY?


It’s just a very small and cozy hotel recommended by one of my friend.


Havent tried taking their MRT before so i pester ben to take it with me this time round.
The hotel staff told us taking train will be more ideal cause there will be a jam around chatuchak.

So here we goooo. The train station is located behind the hotel. Only need a good 10minutes walk!

But we are damn shocked to see a train track along the way.
And the train is in service! I wonder where does the train leads to.

There are people living by the side of the tracks as well. Im amazed (:

Their MRT red line is named as BTS (:
And Β our station is phaya thai. It’s 5-6 stops away from chatuchak.

But the purchasing of ticket might be a little confusing!
You can always ask around and they will be glad to help (:

First stop is to feed our hungry stummy!
upon seeing a little crowd at a small food place located in the market, we thought that we give it a try too.

I had their shrimp papaya salad.
It was pretty good, sour and refreshing (:

But one thing that you should try is their fried chicken!
Their batter is good and the chicken is SOSO tender.

Love this blingbling slipper i got in my first few purchase.
I like it cause it’s so colourful πŸ˜€

But ben think otherwise. grr :/

And yes, you definitely have to try this!
Coconut icecream. I hate coconut, yes i do.

But this is so good and cheap! 15baht=60cents πŸ˜€

When you are tired from all the walking, you can always head to a massage place
$8plus for an hour of massage.

We totally spam it during our trip there.

Got this turkish icecream after much fooling around with the icecream guy.
Cause someone wants me to go and look like a fool, Β so i just went!

Hahahaha, he’s an evil boy.

After much searching and asking around, we finally reached the PET’S SECTION!
Aim to buy new stuffs for my babygirl β™₯

The rabbits and puppies are super puny and cute!
The rabbit breed is different from what we have in SG.

They have Β really short ears and round body! SO CUTEEEE.

Almost almost bought this princessy bed for her.
But it’s a little crazy to think that i would need to squeeze this in my luggage.

So in the end i bought her a new leash, new hair clips and a spaghetti chiffon polka dot top! (:

bought loads of things and head back to the hotel! (:
This photo is taken when we are hiding away from the oncoming train!
We had to hide in one of the house because the train will hit you if you are on the walking pavement.

Decided to blog half of my day one cause i found it super long and shall split it into two parts! (:
I did up the post and description for the neon dresses today. Hehehe, quite proud of myself here. -gloats-

Love the colours of the dress cause they will make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly.Β β™₯



Stories to tell.


And ive got sooooo many stories to tell, but not tonight!

I just done with my luggage and unpacking all the goodies from bkk (:
Just feel that i havent buy enough, cause boyf was so sick during the trip on the 3rd day. So we spent most of our time resting.

Poor boy, i hope he recovers well. ):
He totally freaked me out. Blame it on those roadside stall. Β PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY FOOD FROM THE ROADSIDE STALLS.

It’s damn horrible if you see his state. ):

Waiting for sissy to be back from photoshoot! Feel like sleeping oready. zzzzz.


Flying off.

With this pair of high waist jeans β™₯
I wore them out consecutively two days. Foresee that i will wear it out more often. hehehe.

It’s so versatile that it can match with almost everything and color πŸ˜€
Below i matched with checks, stripes and floral!

Met up with my polymates for a dinner at SWEE CHOON.
They are one of the famous dimsum place located at Jalan Besar. (:

But before i could reach that place, oh man the traffic is super bad and congested near the area during peak hours ):
Almost died driving in this street. Β And you have to park your car in parallel parking slots. Ooops, I already forgot what am i suppose to do when i need to do a parallel parking. Luckily Ben was there! πŸ˜€


They are opened from 6pm till 10am.
But closed on every Tuesday! (:

Think it’s a good supper place if you are craving for dimsum in the late night.
Because price are very affordable too πŸ˜€

An order form will be given to you for the first time that you are placing the order.

This is cynthia πŸ˜€
Seriously i bet we are gonna meet so much lesser already.
So if you are reading this please organize more outings okay! (:


Hehehe, he is Vanessa’s brother.
He pouts cause we are questioning him weird questions. Hahahaha, like damn wei qu please. Awww.

Shared a fried rice with company of two servings (4 in each serving) of xiao long bao with ben.

I kind of develop phobia of xiao long bao ever since i visit the Holland Village crystal jade buffet.
Along with my friends, we ordered more that 10 servings (10 in each serving) of XLB?!
We are seriously so crazy. HAHAHA.


But as much as my undying love for XLB. I decided to have it.
The soup inside the XLB is so insanely good, but the skin wise DingTaiFung surely owns it! (:

Look at how much 4 of my friends ordered.
They just finished a war so in need to replenish their energy with food?!

In the end they couldnt finish the food of course and have to takeaway! Funny can.
It’s good to catch up with them and im sure we will meet someday again, cause everyone gonna be so busy with their work etc. ):



Not mentioning the parcels too. Busy schedule till i board the flight, hehehe.
Take care everyone, byeeeeeee.




Im sososo deadbeat right now.

I just finish invoicing and collating the orders for tonight (:
How i wish all the girls can get the invoice, hehehe.


I wore this pair of high waist jeans out for dinner tonight and the cutting is so fabulous. I cant stop singing praises for it!
Im thinking of wearing it out tmr again. Hahahaha πŸ˜€

Major brownie point: This pair of HWJ is too comfy to let go!
And pssst, it Β helps to hide tummy bulges too, how great πŸ˜€

My schedule for tomorrow is super pack. I hope i surviveeeeeee.
Heading to verify payments now!
Sleepy tight! β™₯

Friends that are for life.

Till one day you will find a person who will pick up all the broken pieces and love you as a whole, wholeheartedly.



Met up with my clique and settled our dinner at WATAMI πŸ™‚
If you havent tried eating there, you’re advise to be there early because the queue will start to form up around 7pm!

Horri-horrible long queue.

The food are very pocket-friendly and they offer quite a wide variety of japanese food (:
I think they only have two outlets, ION orchard and Clarke quay Central.

ION doesnt allow reservation though. We reached there around 6plus and our food was served pretty fast!
Order the set meal for 2-4 pax if you have friends to share your food with. My friends paid $20 each and get everything from the picture above!


Meet bobs (:

I always love how we exchange thoughts and views when we need the listening ear and opinion from each other.

Bestie max!
We are a funny pair of best friend. We dont meet up very often and text each other instead we talk on msn.
Whenever we are free, we would nudge each other and update about our life. (:

Oh, i had their chicken katsu that day (:
It went good along with my bowl of rice.

Normally i will stick to their beef sukiyaki which is heavier on the taste bud.
Nooo, bad to blog about this at this timing. Im hungry already.

HT (:
She’s always stand by me whenever i need someone. These are friendships that are hard to come by.
Seven years and counting (:

We popped by outdoor, (opp 313 somerset) for some drinks after dinner.
And they all laugh at me cause i had ice blended chocolate while the rest of them had alcoholic drinks. hehe.

I love the live band there playing all my favourite songs.
It’s a great place to spend your night there catching up with your friends.
Will drop by there soon to chill my ass off. (:

Alright, im off to do my BANGKOK itinerary already!
5 more days! WHEEEEE, to my shopping paradise. β™₯

Im gonna lose my mind

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.
Hahahaha. no, i feel like heading back to sleep.

Dug myself up and head down to SOTA for tinsel rack’s upcoming outdoor shoot!!
Excited to know more about it? SCROLL DOWN!!

Great people behind ttr πŸ™‚

We are thankful and please for the good sunny weather. till it started raining when we are about to end the shoot already.
Thank god!! We are such lucky kids πŸ˜€

Giving you a sneak peak of Vogueswagen’s new model!!
Check out his height! He’s a freaking 186cm. I totally feel like a drawf beside him?!?!

Getting everything ready for the shoot. Looks like we are going for a camping huh?
Hehehe, lots of goodies inside the bags!

First shot of the day. Everybody freshen up themselves and get the camera ready to roll!

TTR has definitely good employee’s welfare. Hehehe, look what sissy and thom got for us?
Starbucks coffee to boost us with energy!Β β™₯

never get sick of this, java chippypypypypypy.β™₯

You should have seen how happy these two girls look when they saw food.
Hahahaha, dont know how they maintain their weight despite eating so much?!

Im jealous here. Hehehe.

With mel, fooling around with Dx’s biggie shades!

Nicole richie in the house~
TTR’s divadiva πŸ˜€

Im pretty useful yesterday. ahem, i took behind the scene photos for you guys’ visual appetite
and i look after all the barang barangs. not mentioning that the weather is so terrible. 😦

credits please! Hehehe.

They are so cranky when they took shots for this dress!!
Love the mesh and the tutu skirt look.

So are you exciting for the upcoming launch as much as i do? πŸ˜€
The high waist jeans is definitely a grabber cause the cutting is so fabulous and all the colours are so easy to match.

Great for day to day wear cause it’s so easy to match!
Nuff said, just look out for the launch and fall in love with kat’s shots, model’s cuteness and TTR’s effort.

Gonna head out for a barbeque tonight, but it’s raining again 😦
Hopefully it will stop later!

life’s so fragile

I wanted to blog tonight but im not going to. because:

1) im so tired because i woke up at 7.30am this morning for the shoot.

2) the above reason

3) the above reason

hahahaha, brain dead now. Took a pretty amount of behind the scene shots.
It’s so fun to be part of TTR’s crew πŸ˜€

I cant wait to see the photos we took today!!