Oh dear, did you realize that it’s the second month of 2012 already?

And im still at my cny post, hahahaha. So horrible.
But im still here to complete it as soon as possible! πŸ™‚

My babygirl looking upset when she knows that the whole family is heading out again.
Awww, my cutest fluffball. It’s so fluffy im going to die, FluffehhhhhhΒ β™₯

On our way to my 三叔公’s house! πŸ™‚
Oh gawdddd, we look really alike here! Hehehe.

My cousin Junyi!
Her two favourite living things on the earth apart from her family has got to be Jessie and Xiaobai!

Hahahaha, it’s been a year since we see her and she still remembers them! πŸ™‚
I hate to say this, but time flies!

I could still clearly remember her being a toddler and she’s already primary two now?!?!?!
She is really smart and good at talking. She stared at me for awhile and told me i look like her friend. LOL.
I find it so hilarious because she looked so serious please! What’s running in kid’s mind nowadays? :p

My cutest nephew, Ryan!
I am missing him already. Hahahah.

He’s already attending pre-school and he sounds really adorable when he speaks! πŸ™‚

Hawhawhaw, check out Jess and herΒ ζ Όζ Ό’s headgear together with a reluctant looking Ryan boy!

Outfit of the day:

Tinklebell beaded tank in creme, Florals Blossoms Paperbag Skirt in Red Poppies, I Hearts You Belt in Camel! πŸ™‚
Check out my mum’s OTD too, TTR Basic Tank in Electric Blue.

Hahahaha, she looks super bright that day! (Y)

Sophie arrives shortly after us!
Everyone wants a shot with the boy, WAI SHO KUTEZ :>

I love this picture!
My grandparents looks so sweet together πŸ˜€

With Sissy looking great in her polkadots bustier dress!
Me likey πŸ˜‰

Evanbaby wearing couple wear with his daddy again! πŸ™‚
Last shot at my 3rd uncle’s place before we head home and prepare early dinner for the crowd!

Love it when everyone comes to my place on the second day of CNY!
The more the merrier! πŸ˜‰

Sissy’s OTD! πŸ™‚

The best part about everyone coming to my place.
We get to wear anything we are comfortable with! πŸ™‚

Someone looking gluttony.
Hahaha, displaying all the goodies out!

Too overwhelm with the crowd. Hahaha she loves it when people come to visit πŸ˜€
Picking up all the pineapple tarts left overs my relatives dropped on the floor, celebrating CNY with us too. Hahaha.

Wearing her new outfit to show off to everyone!
She looks so dainty with the kimono πŸ™‚

My cute little neighbour who calls for xiaobai everyday when he comes home!
Love his bowl cut. Heheh. Cuteness x 10 πŸ˜€

Kid’s favourite toy at my house: Xiaobai.
She got chased and carried around, made her so tired at the end of the day! ❀

Fans of Fairylights Fishtail Skirt!

We invited all our boys over too! πŸ˜€

Totally in love with this joyousΒ occasion.
Can’t believe that i have to wait for another 12 months more to another CNY T_T

It’s always good to have something to look forward to. Right?
Time for some soap opera, to bed and to school tomorrow!

Goodnight, you little pumpkins.


Girls Support Group!

Finally met my Girls Support Group at Canele to celebrate the December babies birthday!
Oh well, the Girl Support Group mainly consist of Kat, Sop and the three sisters (Joyce, Jess and I).

Even though I see them pretty often, but it is always difficult to gather together and have a good meal πŸ™‚
Enjoyed their company and the hearty girls talk during our dinner.

Can’t wait to gather again! And im guessing that would be CNY already! πŸ™‚

Mega love for the dress that im wearing!
The embellishments and material makes me feel like a princess.

The embellishments is so bling and pretty in real life πŸ˜€
Pretty dresses like this are hard to come by.Β Definitely gonna wear it for CNY too!

Alrighty, time to read the menu and order.
Hungry hungry!

And what did i say on my previous blog post?
Hahahaha, we area true blue mushroom soup lover πŸ˜€

Their mushroom soup is one of the best too!
I was craving for their seafood/crab chowder , but it wasn’t available on the menu ):
Wonder if they have changed the menu or they have a lunch and dinner menu?
I hope they didn’t remove it from the menu.
I love it!

3 out of 5 of us ordered their crepes!
Heheheh, it looks like it is flooded with veggies.

Jess was so horrified upon seeing it. Hahaha :p

Sissy looking happy with her carbonara!

Love the dress that she is wearing as well, the Cocktail Lounge Dress! πŸ˜‰

Time for dessert.
Damn excited cause their macarons are so chewy and awesome!
One of the best macarons Β I ever had, slurps πŸ˜€

My favourite has to be hazelnut praline!
Rocksocks, they make my heart dance. Hehehe.

Would like to have it in rose flavour too, but it was not available that night ):

Super hardworking running around taking photos cause we brought big baby out again!
Love all the photos turn out to be so clear and prettay!

Kat’s epic expression upon seeing all the yummy looking desserts

Say hi to our December babies!

Yay, done with birthday wish and blowing out the candle. And of course.. time to dig in!
Heehee, glutton!

No.. ):
More photos before we destroy the cake and looking unglam and all. Hahahah.

Request the waitress to take a group photo for us!
Impossible to take a self shot with a DSLR. It kills.

We took quite an amount of photos that night!
Hehehe, Kat in TTR basic tank and Fairy Lights Fishtail skirt that you girls went so crazy over it.

Makes me feel like digging out the navy piece which we kept previously!
I know, i know you girls love the skirt so much!

Don’t worry, we will definitely inform you girls when the new colours arrive πŸ˜€

Everybody in TTR outfit!
Basic Tank Top, Fairy Lights Fishtail, Embellished Bib Dress, Skatergal Flouncy Dress, Morning Breeze Shrug and Cocktail Lounge Dress πŸ˜€

Jess wanted to wear the Sassy Girl Romper, but without my help she can’t find the romper anywhere in the house.
Only the belt is from TTR, hehe.
Hence known as the traitor of the night! :p

Went out of Paragon and saw the elephant in Muji Prints!
Kat can’t maintain and ran over to take a picture with her favourite printed elephant πŸ˜€

I risked my life to take this photo!
Keep stepping back to have a better shot of them with the lightings but the road is just behind me -.-

Hahaha, i think their heart almost pop out whenever I take a step back. LOL

Walked over to Cineleisure to pick the car up and they went to write their wishes on the ball too!

Hahaha, all TTR related!
Major love for them too!Β β™₯
Anyway, we have just uploaded the preview for tomorrow’s collection on Facebook already.
Go check them out, the pictures and items that we are going to launch tomorrow are so lovely! πŸ˜€

Still don’t wanna go?


Provide you with the link already!!!

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A Day Out

Woke up to a grey sky and our plan for brunch got a little screwed up.
Travelling in the rain can be one of the most troublesome thing sometimes.

But i got determined and pulled myself up!
Along with my two sissys, we decided to head to Caramel cafe located at Shaw Tower!

To our dismay, they are no longer in operation anymore ):
With our grumbling tummy, i remembered the turkish restaurant located on level 2 my friend Bobs brought me to.
It used to be managed by her aunt, but for some reason, the restaurant was managed by another in charge already.

Heard from Bobs that the food and service standard have dropped.
But we couldn’t care less with our hunger pangs and the rainy weather outside.


So here we are, at Sofra!
Reminds me how my clique used to have dinners at the cafe, spending our time chit chatting away πŸ™‚

Hazelnut cappucino β™₯

Fooling around while waiting for the food to come.
It took ages for the food to come
Or maybe we are just too hungry D:

Yay, some coffee to warm ourselves on rainy days like this.

Nice picture.. but the man behind spoils it T_T
I should mosaic away his face. πŸ˜€

Heheheh, how do our new hairstyle look?
Ridiculous hairstyle Jess discover when playing around with her hair.
She says she is gonna do a tutorial for it, so go pester her if you are wondering what we did to our hair!

Tom Palette icecream for our sweet tooth! πŸ˜€

Kat came to join us for some icecream goodness!
And some work discussion with sissy! πŸ™‚

Make a quick guess what flavour did we choose!
Tirumisu and greentea!
To my disappointment, i don’t like both of the flavours ):
I get very jelat after a few mouths, like SALTED CARAMEL’s salted caramel icecream.
No nice ):

On my plan to discover nicer icecream!
Please drop me some recommendations if you have any! πŸ˜€
Im quite a fan of Island creamery and Icecream Chefs!
And my all time favourite has got to be Ben and Jerry’s!! β™₯
Wonder if Baskin Robbins is good? πŸ™‚

Workaholics at work! πŸ™‚
Got so worn out after heading out a whole afternoon. Must be the weather.
It will be perfect to hide under my blankets, watching 康熙ζ₯δΊ† and cuddling xiaobai πŸ˜€
It will be the plan next time! Heheheh
Would love to blog more.. but i need to head out for dinner soon!!
Maybe i should continue when im back! What you say? πŸ™‚
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Ultra mega busy! :O

Hello folks!
Im finally here again!

(Afraid that y’all will abandon meh ): )

Hahahahaha, ive been so busy these two weeks, god knows why.
I don’t even have time to post pictures up here, so i kind of forgot what ive been to these few days.

Okay, im so back dated!
Updating about sissy’s 22nd birthday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Finally able to flaunt in the Skatergal flouncy dress in sky blue!
Totally in love with the material and how the cut flow


Done dolling up and camwhore a bit with my twinnie while waiting for the star of the day!

Wheeeee πŸ˜€
Love how my hair look so tame before heading out of the house everytime.
But when Β i step out of the house, BWAM.

My hair looks like it went to hurricane ):

So troubled with my floss like hair, (sissy say it looks like pork floss, i insist that it’s candy floss)

On 小纒 waiting to pick minion Sophie up! πŸ˜€
Abit tad torturous to wake up so early.

If not for breakfast!
Hahahahaha, no doubt why Ben always call me Fat Fat ):

Jones the grocer at Dempsy!
Glorious place to have breakfast.

It was drizzling early in the morning, what a bummer ):

Some pictures before we get to our breakfast!
The queue for Sunday morning was pretty long! ):

I hate long queues with empty stomach
#not happy


Everyone is in #thetinselrack’s clothes!

All sleeveless, almost freeze to death!
Everywhere we go is so torturing ):

We all ended up at far east buying cardigan to keep ourselves warm.

Lovelove the high ceiling of the cafe! ^^
And the layout of the place? Beautiful!

More pictures taken before we could get ourselves a seat!
The place was bustling with loads of breakfast lover (:

Rainy day also damn enthu?! ):

Heheheh, sop did a funny post
But i forgot why. Chicky dance?

Why sop? Tell me when you see me okay!

Jess and sop ordered hazelnut and caramel hot chocolate!
Looks so yummeh!!

And absolutely comforting on a rainy sunday πŸ™‚

The three of them ordered the traditional american breakfast.
So boringgggg.

So i got myself a coconut pancakes!
Comes with a additional scoop of vanilla icecream.

Weird combination for a breakfast!


Im a selectively coconut eater, i only eat coconut flavoured food like bangkok’s coconut icecream, coconut candies.
But i DON’T eat the real coconut fruit and drink coconut juice.

Call me an oddball, i don’t care.
Hahahahaha :p

The tradition american breakfast might look and sound appetizing but it didn’t win their hearts.
Rubbery egg, tough bacon


Annoying kids at dining tables

Everybardy was so damn full before we even cleared half of our plates!
:O :O :O

So camwhore war starts again while our stomachs process the food. :p

Hahahaha, we keep running over to sissy’s side cause the lighting there is obviously much nicer!
Tips to take note, choose the side with better lighting if you want to Β achieve good looking photos! :p

Was a pity that it’s still drizzling by the time we left, nothing much to do with the horrible weather!
Ended up shopping at far east till everyone is tired.

Aww, it’s so good to have the girls companion (:
Im blessed, tyvm.

Big ass polaroid contributed by Sop!
Another two additon to our polaroid collage! (:

Say yayyyyy.

Im just back from USS today with my birthday boy and im damn exhausted!
Had hell loads of fun at the Battlestar galantica, seriously πŸ˜€

β™₯im in love with roller coasters β™₯

Can’t wait to share my pictures over here!
And nope, not gonna say goodnight today! ):

Have yet to clear finish emails!
Hang on girls, im comingggggggg!


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Cant believe how fast time can fly

I can’t believe im actually starting school tomorrow T_T

Im actually going to sit alone in the cold and stale lecture theatre once again.
Attending three hours of lectures.



Oh well, i had fun and enjoyed myself these few months.
Getting closer to my TTR team and know the operations better, (Heheheh, you must be thinking why im not clearing emails right, cause gmail is down. goes a little cranky on me now. Hence this short and ranting post).

Hopefully i will have more time to help out when everything is settled at the end of the month. (:

Alrighty, wish me luck for school tomorrow!!
It will be a better day πŸ˜‰


Remember: What goes around, comes around

My tuesday was well spent with my girls support group: Sop, kat and sissy! Still missing out jess cause she’s still schooling. ):
Anyway, sissy showed me this really adorable heart button dress and i knew i had to keep it!! Hahahaha, this yummy little dress looks so good that it can be eaten. wheehee. So hard to resist, we are keeping almost everything. No time to clear our bursting wardrobes yet. Boohoo. I am a cleaniness freak but i don’t know where to start from.

Love the cream with black heart combi, but i reckon that blue suits me better.
Girls are such suckers when it comes to cute little details.


The heart button is the ultimate winner! Hehehe.
Dont cha agree? :p

Late lunch at shokudo :))

I got so hyped up yesterday cause i got myself this Reese’s bowl!
Looking forward to my breakfast from now onwards cause i can eat my cereal in my striking bright bowl.

Instantly brighten up my day. Hahahaha.

β™₯Β I love Reese’s peanut butter cup β™₯

Popped by sop’s house to find the hyper baby ryan! πŸ˜€
He is so full of energy, endless energy to dance and run around.

We spent our time with him playing games and entertained by him.
BTH, dont know where all his energy is from.

Cant wait to see him again, the next time he will be blabbering with more words already.

Cuteness to the max.Β β™₯ aww.

A clearer view on the dress that is gonna be in the upcoming launch! πŸ™‚

Two cute pockets by the side. Score brownie points!

Nuff said, please do catch the launch which will probably be on this sunday! πŸ˜€
It’s been long since i catch my dosage of vampire diaries!

Till then!

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