Hear my thoughts in every note

Im hereby to announce that i will be free after Wednesday onwards!
Pops champagne! Please date me out!!

Hahahahaha, i can’t believe it’s end of my first sem at SIM already.
Oh well, can’t be too happy yet. My first exam paper falls on the 25th October.

Please do remember to ask me to study.
Hahahahah, i really need to pass and proceed to my next sem T_T

Anyway, just uploaded my first day at Phuket.
I must really admit that the photos are gonna look super boring because our first day was utterly dramatic and horrible.

Never been so unlucky in our life before. ):
Move on and i will tell you more!

Our main entertainment for the entire trip.
Plant vs Zombies

Even though it looks boring and no fun at all.

But i bet once you start you can’t stop! :p
I played it the second time already. Too bad it’s with ben right now and he’s at Genting!

Reached our resort which located at patong! (:
If you’re taking a cab (which they call it the airport limousine), it will cost 600baht(standard charge) from the airport.

I guess there is a cheaper alternatively, bus?
But it was  drizzling that day, so we just want to get to our resort asap!

But on the way to your resort, they will usually bring you to a stop to see if you’re interested in any tours.
We joined the City tour which includes activities like White water rafting, elephant trekking, elephant and monkey show, ATV (omg, this is so awesome!!), visit to the waterfall.

It costs us around 1200baht and it occupied us from morning till around7pm (:
Worth a try!

We are welcome by the hotel staff with their house drink!
Abit too sweet for my liking though. Hahahaha :p

Gotta love what i see when im brought to my room! (:
Clean and spacious!

They actually offer to upgrade to family suite for us!
But we rejected their kind offer cause family suite would be older  and located near to the main hall.

We are just satisfied with our deluxe room! (:

Pleasant looking toilet is an extremely important factor to me!
Can’t bathe for nuts if the toilet look dodgey o.o

View from our room! (:

and the tired looking us from our short flight ride!
We waited for the drizzle to stop before heading out to rent a scooter to travel around our area.

First ever experience riding in a foreign country!
Extremely fun and thrilling!

But our most horrible experience came, when we left riding to our dining place.
The sky came pouring so heavily all of a sudden!!

We got so drenched even though Ben turned into the nearest shopping mall!
You will never guess how shag we are and feel.

We just wanna die with our dripping wet clothes, walking in the mall.
And the mall black out due to the heavy rain -_-

Finally found a decent place to settle down for dinner. Totally impromtu please.

Only pizza is available because all the restaurants don’t have electric power due to the black out.
Tell me how we feel at this point in time.


And they are having buy 2 pizza and get a Margherita pizza for free

We thought we could finish 3 whole pizzas by ourselves, but apparently NOT.


And in the end, we left the 3rd pizza untouched and ran away after paying the bills.
Cause the staff already packed in takeaway box for us and insist us to take the pizza!

Damn epic!! My silly idea :O

We walking around BigC (supermarket) to get some essentials while waiting for the rain to stop and our clothes to dry.
Their beauty and massage places in the mall have such different and interesting concept.

They have glass panels around their shops and you can see clearly what they are actually doing inside!
Need to experience it if im going back again!

We ride back when the rain turn smaller.
So glad that we made it back and have a bathe! (happiest moment of my life :D:D:D:D)

And it continued to rain T_T
Rain and rain the entire night please! Super dampen our mood, but we got no choice but to tell each other it’s okay.
Tomorrow will be a better day. Hahahaha

Ordered room service which taste like blah.
And after that we spent the entire night on the ipad till i fell asleep.

The weather was damn good to sleep though.
I got this amazing falling asleep record, within probably 10 seconds?

Hahahaha, Ben and sissy is damn amazed by my sleeping power.

That’s my first day at Phuket!
I feel like it got wasted away ):

Glad that second day was so much better but i will get back to that another day!!


Some of my outfits i wore to school!

Floral Flare Skirt! (:
I love to dress light and simple for school!

And this comes perfect if you’re heading to town after school!  ♥

Reversible top which i foresee it will be an essential for my school days!
I love how i can just throw it on and pair it with any bottoms, tuck in or tuck out, this or the reverse colour.

Gonna keep it in at least 3 colours!

And the lace crochet top which is my favourite!!!
That day i happily wore it out  and forgot to take pictures of it.

My happiest outfit ever can.

I will wear it tomorrow and take pictures (i hope i remember, knocks head)
I swear i can wear it over and over again.

Contemplating whether to keep all the 5 colours ):

Sissy and i kept black, white and teal already!
Hehehehe, once it a blue moon to keep all colours! But this design is so irresistable ):

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Happy clothes makes me want to take pictures!
Was feeling happy in my reversible top in green/navy combination today. Hehehehe.

So excited whenever there are pieces like this whereby i can wear it like a basic and never get sick of it 😉

Orights, time for beddy bed!
First IPL session tomorrow, eggcited!!! 😀

Ask me ant knee tink


Catching up

Hellowwww fellas.

How’s your week going so far?
Ive been lagging behind, behind time and work.

Im so glad that all my projects burden are coming to an end.
But which means that i’ve to prepare for exams soon ):

The lecturers can’t stop emphasizing how tough the papers are gonna be like.
Seriously my SIM fellows? Is it true? ):

Ohhhhhh well, that can wait.

The first time i try on this romper, omg it’s so awesomeeeeee.
Abandon the fact that it’s a polka dot design( i used to hate polka dot to the maxxxxxx, i don’t know why. But i love it now HA), the bustier and the entire romper cutting is so FANTABULOUS!

Those who have their chance to try and bought it at KJ would have agree with me! 😀

Immediately wore it out the next day to meet my dearest girlfriend for some girly manicure session! (:
I took manicure as an excuse cause i haven’t meet her for a thousand years or so.


My sea green coloured nails!
Nice????? ^^

I actually wanted a solid green tone, but since the manicure place doesn’t have it.
This shall make do!

I likey it so much till the nail polish chipped off like mad i still don’t wanna get it remove.
(Or maybe im just too lazy, hee)

Had dinner at TORI Q!
We were so effing hungry but totally have zero idea what to eat.

Want to faint already still don’t know what to eat.
So in the end, we toured around the whole town and settled down for some TORI Q goodness.

Please point your finger at our face and laugh at us.

Feelin’ hungry staring at this photo.
I can’t stop eating today by the way, my stomach got worm or what.

Can’t help but feel hungry every 4-5 hours? :O
I don’t want to feel hungry, go awayyyyy.

Green tea yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I think im funny, i used to hate green tea and yogurt the most.

Especially yogurt.

Why would someone love to eat something that tasted like spoilt milk?
Don’t get it at all last time.

Hahahahaha, that’s why they say people change?
Maybe that’s why.

I seriously don’t geddit.

And HY got her yogurt in almond flavour.
NOOOO, i still dislike almond.

I wonder if i will change my taste and love almond next time? :p
My taste bud just refuse to accept almond yet.

Almond nuts yes.
Almond paste no.
Almond jelly no.


Polka dot loving’

After coming back from Phuket, i got addicted in dressing myself in a carefree manner.
Hahahaha, I was happy with my sundress, long maxi, slouchy black dress, cropped top with destroyed denim shorts.

I got addicted.
I love to feel carefree and comfortable in my clothes!

Makes me a happy girl 😀

Something i fell in love with ♥

I love dancing in them, cause i feel so comfortable in it.

It is suppose to be a midi skirt by the way.
But never too long for a 152 tall girl 🙂

Im glad im able to wear it, if not i swear i will force sissy to go alter it.

Wore it out in red when i was out for dinner with my clique last saturday!!
Cause i want to be casual but not sloppy.

This midi skirt was perfect for me.
I can even pair it with my favourite sandal and im good to go.

I told ya i was addicted.

Plus i got so many colours to choose from ):
I can’t possibly take all colours!

If only i got 10 wardrobes all to myself.  That would be sooooooo good.
Hahahaha,  hokay!

It’s getting late, but i love yall so i get this post done before im heading off to bed for another long day tomorrow!
There is a launch tomorrow girls!

Please do pop over to our facebook page for more preview pictures: http://www.facebook.com/tinselrack


Major love for the kampong shoot!
In exchange for hell lot of mosquito bites for the crew.
(I was in Phuket, guilts ><)


Have an early night! TOODLES!

Ask me ant knee tink


My current self now.
Hahahaha, feeling so miserable ever since i came back from Phuket! :O

Im piled with the never ending projects and work )’:

Someone tell me this is going to end soon.


Gonna blog about something more comforting to cheer my Saturday up!

What else but my precious furball? ((((:

She’s my happy pill and she forever look so carefree and happy.
Eat, sleep, poop, pee, wait for everyone to come home.

Im full of envy, baby girl.

Hahahaha, sometimes i wish that im just a dog.

Took all the above photos on her 4th birthday! ^^
Happy belated birthday xiaobai!!

p.s check out the last photo, my baby girl loves me!
Hahahaha, she’s trying to steal a kiss from me :p

And two more huge ass photos of fur before i bury myself back to the pile of work.

Have a really superb weekend dear! ♥
Enjoy your sunday on my behalf, im just gonna spend my sunday with my projects!


Goodnight!! ♥

/Edited Im back from Phuket!

*Save draft*

I can’t believe im flying to phuket in another fourteen hours time.

I finally managed to find out my flight number and time.
Almost headed down to changi airport to check with Tigerairways!!

Omg, their hotline is useless.
Lucky im smart enough and check my reference number from my ibanking page 😉

Alright, nuff said.
Some pichas to share!!

Upcoming shrug that you girls are anticipating!
Preview first before i fly off, im so responsible!


My friday OTD ♥
Twirl circle skirt with stripe cardigan!

So anyway, i dig Jess up to accompany me to changi airport.
But since everything is settled before we left, /phew

I treat her to brekkie! ^^
Wanted to go Hatched at Evans road, but we’re on a tight schedule so we only had ya kun toast!


And you know what to expect when there is only the two of us and a camera.
Hahahaha, my stupid twin sister.

Sissy said we look like chipmunks.




So anyway, Ben decides to surprise me with an IPAD!
/Full of glee

I have no idea whyyyyyy.
Must have done something fishy huh.

He even got me a wireless keyboard together with the IPAD for replying emails (:
Yay to no more heavy and bulky laptop and adaptor.

I will make good use of this!!
Thank you and I love you so much B!! ❤

What did i do to get such good karma? :’)
Still can’t believe it that it’s mine already!!!!


That aside, i just touched down from Phuket.
Had so much fun there even though the weather can be a bitch these few days!

More photos to come when i get them uploaded 🙂
Till then!


Joy of life

Joy of life number one: Egg noodle with ham and egg
Super milky milk tea, most awesome milk tea can only be found in HONGKONG ♥

Something that you must not miss when you visit HK!
That is traditional hong kong breakfast at their traditional tea cafe along the streets (:


Joy of life number two: Visit Disneyland with your loved ones ♥

Everything details and corner about Disneyland are so well taken care of and customized to the theme.
Even though this is my second time to HK DisneyLand, im still impressed 😉

It is as if like all my fairytales stories came to life.

Fantasy that lived in my heart.

And finally, we reached!! 🙂
Oh mannnnnnz, i mizz my brown hair!!

Weather that day was super.. erratic
Sudden downpour and sun glare made us all shagged out!!


Spot mickey and minnie at the entrance!
After all the weather obstacles, we finally manage to take a pic with them! (:

Even the mascots are well synchronized.
Hahahaha, they hold hands and touch their nose even when they are leaving for their break?!
Vhy Disneyland so cute one! Cannot stand it!!

Hahaha :p

Their visual merchandising are so well done!
Because it makes us feel like buying everything back to Singapore, super tempted.


Check out the props we got ourselves for the day in Disney land! (:

Minnie’s bow for me and Marie’s cat ear!

Stitch ears fo sissy! 😀

Thank god we brought our handy tripod along! (:
But a little tad troublesome to fix it up and close it when you don’t need it.

Tedious much, but only for nice pictures!!
It’s all worth it (:

Oh myyyy favourite scrumpy.
in penguin suit ♥

Price of the food and drink are mark up super high as expected for a tourist site!
But THIS chicken pie is super awesome, 3SGD for a puny pie.

Hahahahaha, but the crust was so buttery and soft.
Best pie everrrr, jess couldn’t forget about it!

Plus the fact that they shaped out a mickey mouse icon on it.

My self made minnie mouse cover!! ♥

Lotso the strawberry scent bear that i regretted not buying!
Disneyland actually made them smell like strawberry! :O

I want to have it in my bag so my stuff will smell like strawberries!
Buy for me if you’re going to disneyland!!

I will transfer you the $$. FOR REALLLLL.

i want ):


End off our day at Disneyland with lots of fantasy goods 😀


Back to our hotel anddddd do the next activity on our itinerary!

Dinner at Cafe de coral, which was so baddddd.
My spaghetti bolognese.. i can do better.


We decided to catch a movie! Super spontaneous. Hahahah
Their movie theatre are located along the street, like pop out of no where.

Tickets for Super 8! 😀


And beware, continue to scroll down and see the most unglam photos of us!
And scroll down if you’re readyyyyyyy :p



Hahahah, period.

I guess tiredness got into us! Plus the swivel screen is love! ♥

Proceed into the theatre!
And we end of our day after our movie. What a long day!

When im travelling, i love to make full use of every minutes and seconds of it.
I want to do as many things and activities as possible. Hahahah.

Speaking of which, im flying to Phuket with Ben this sunday! 😀
But the bad thing is that, i can’t manage to find the booking confirmation email on my email account!! D:

I feel like killing myself.
Why must things just screwed up on meeee?!

And tiger airway customer service airline is not helping either, i was on hold the call for 15 minutes and no one answered!
Why, someone tell me why?

Okay, just want to rant.
I got to run to reply emails and complete my projects before i fly off.

So many things undone and so little time ):

On a side note, Thank god it’s friday!!!!!!!!!
Let’s look forward to the weekend peeeeeepos! ♥

Hongkonggggg.. Anyone still wants to read it? Hurhur

Photobucket is not cooperating.

I think it hates me.

Okay, off to bed now.


Fiddle fiddling

Hmmmm, i just tried fiddling with the new Photoshop effect.
Pretty coooooooooool!! 🙂


That’s me in the eight buttons in RADDDD 🙂
Wuv it. Hehehehe, wore it to school on friday!

The day which i look most forward to! 😀
Who doesn’t love friday right? Finally get to let loose and relax a tiny weeny bit.

If only we have 2 holidays per year, 6 months long.
Hahahaha, everyone will just be rotting at home and grow fungus. LOL.


Sissay with the eight buttons shorts in camel! (:
We wore it coincidentally, hahaha.

Cause normally the day before i would probably choose my outfit already.
In case i can’t find the right outfit, and take half an hour to fiddle around.

Hahahaha, then i will be late for school and feeling lousy in the clothes i choose.
Seriously, dont like that feelin’.

My week has been packed yet routine!
Hence, not much pictures to share! ):

Sometimes, i can’t even remember what im busy with the entire week.
Boyfriend says: Poor time management


Hahahaha, looks like i need a time manager to manage my time!
And i foresee that next week is gonna be a busy week again.

Time for hongkong show again!


Before all the projects start to slam in again!
My life story and woes, sighhhhhh!


Ask me ant knee tink