Mini Clearance!


Turquoise comes with baby yellow lining!

We always have a thing going for embroidered dresses, even more so for unique designs like this piece we manufactured! Inspired by F21, we improvised and made changes to it so that we can bring a perfect dress to you girls here at TTR! And we dare say, the outcome was a more gorgeous dress than the original one itself. Comes in four quirky colour combinations that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! (PLEASE STATE COLOUR WHEN COMMENTING!)

Measurements: Ptp: 17″ Length: 31″ Best fits UK6-10 Made of quality chiffon material, fully lined. Workmanship of the embroidery is absolutely exquisite! Comes with side zip and hidden rubber band at waist for easy wearing.

Condition: 10/10

Do note that NO refunds/exchanges allowed

Please email to: if you are keen to purchase!

Palloncino Dress in Paddington Yellow

SGD 32


We were more than thrilled when this dress arrived because it was love at first sight for us when we saw it on the runway! The version which we manufactured is definitely more wearable and casual, we love it so much that we kept both colours for ourselves! The material feels expensive to touch, and the cutting of this dress is made so superb that its really flattering when worn! Be charmed by this piece which we’ve proudly manufactured and brought to you. Complimentary thick obi belt will given with every dress purchased. (As seen on Mel)


Ptp: 21″ Length: 36″ (when unhitched) Hips across: 16-17″

Best fits UK6-8 (Do note that the hips area will be hugging for UK10)

Made of polyester gabardine material. Inner lining at skirting portion. Complimentary obi belt of same colour as dress.

Condition: 10/10
Do note that NO refunds/exchanges allowed

Please email to: if you are keen to purchase!


Happy birthday my peanutbutternomnomz! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

So busy so busy.
As usual, my weekdays are occupied with school work, projects

OH, and i have a test tomorrow which i haven’t even finish studying ):

I really wish i’ve 48 hours a day.
And if that’s true, i would probably be over-exhaust.

Hahahaha, nuff said.

Im been lacking behind!
Went to THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO on Ben’s 21st birthday!

/pops the champagne!

We have been hearing and talking about USS for the longest time.
And i knew i had to go before his army enlistment because i SO WANTED to take a ride on the roller coaster!!

😀 😀 😀

Your favourite and awaiting eight buttons shorts! Say yayyyyyyy?
Decided to wear light because i know i will be running around and perspire for the rest of my day!


And here we are!
The legendary USS.

We’ve finally made it!!
RAWRRRRS! Spam smiley faces here! 😀

It is as if we are not in Singapore anymore!
Hehehe, look at the popcorn truck.

Don’t they only appear on our teevee screen when we were young? :O

Everything look so surreal and nicely built.
Even though it doesn’t feel so fantasy-like as compared to disneyland, i love it anyway! (:

You ought to go explore uss if you haven’t!
Since Singapore is so small and there is nothing much to do except watching movies and picnic right?
Hahahaha, it’s a good place for dating!

And did i mention that i mega love theme parks?
I can really go crazy over the rides. Hehehehe, it’s in our genes.

These are taken at New york!
And we are on our way to…

Have you spotted it?

The battlestar galactica!
I was really jumping around like a kid and pulling ben up to queue for the ride!


So our warm up ride was the human track! (The red one!)
It was so heartdropping and so thrilling at the same time! I LIKEEEEE!

Totally warm ourselves up and we just went ahead for the CYLON.
Cylon was more thrilling but less intensive as compared to the human!

So Cylon for the win! 😀

Remember to pick up a map before entering! (:
It will be handy because they have stated all the timings and rides that you  might be interested in!

And here we are at the Ancient Egypt zone!
Am excited because they are famous for their ride!

The ride was in the dark, and i would say that it’s really awesome!

There is 360deg movement and backward motion.
How cool? Hehehehe.

We thought that this guy look like a horoscope!
Sagittarius? hahahaha, don’t you think he look like one? :p

Lockers are available for free for a grace period of 30 minutes!
Love this system because you can enjoy your rides without worrying your belongings!

Plus, it doesn’t require you to carry a key around!
Im impressed by the smart system they used! (:

Nothing much at the Jurassic park!

The weather was really burning!
So much so for the thunderstorm that the weather forecast stated on the web! :p

It would be a bummer if it rains!
I will sulk like a bulldog if i don’t get to enjoy myself! (spoilt kid)

Back to new york to find my friend who is working at USS! (:
Take some pictures on the wayyyyyy.

Hahahaha, this picture is epic!!

Meet Charlie Chaplin! (:
His make up and contact lens are really cool!

Hahahah. Gotta love his hat too 😀

Fooling around while waiting for my friend! :O

Oh yeah, one more point.
Try to visit USS during the weekdays because we queue for less than 5 minutes for most of our rides!

I hate queuing, it’s just a waste of time ):

Betty boop in town.
This lady really sound like betty boop!

Hahahaha, reminds me of the cartoon i watched during those good ol days! 😉

After much hurdle, finally met huiting!
It’s seem so fun to work at USS!

I would wish tooooo, but my place is friggin far away from USS ):
I wanna work as a MASCOT!

Hahahaha. Just dance around and take pictures :p

Manhole spotted.

In the queue to see what goes behind the scene of a movie making!
Good experience there.

Everything look so real and convincing! (:

Kill the Frankieeeee!
He totally looked tortured.

Hahahaha :p

Walking towards madagascar!

HAHAHAH, sad looking boy.
I look at the camera screen and laugh upon seeing his face.

Obviously he did it to humour me.

Far far away land!
The only princess here is princess fiona!

The ogre’s wifey?
Yup, that’s her! The green looking one 😀

Went in for Shrek’s 4D!
I would say not bad, but the introductory part made the both of us sleepy!

Can sleep.

Gingy’s candy store!
What would you like to be when you grow up?
Now i know! My desired occupation would  a candystore owner!

So cuteeeeeee. 😀

Stumbled upon the OGREEEEEE!
Shrek and his princess fiona! (:

HAWHAWHAW, we went to take the carousel, madagascar version!
Seriously, i love being a kid! :p

Ben was busy reading the map while i was enjoying the ride.
Probably max out most of my energy while walking through the whole USS!

Even though it might seems small, but try exploring  every part of it.
I bet you will be tired too! o.o

Photo taken with woody wood pecker’s girlfriend winnie! (:

And our last destination and aim was to take photos with the KUNGFU PANDA!
PO 😀

He is so fat and cuddley!
Hahahahaha, satisfied and complete our journey at USS!

(The photographer sucks though!)

I wanna be back for you again baby!!

Anyway, before i end this post!
Pictures of the paperbag skirt upcoming at 9pm later!


Wore it out in Meadow blue!
And pair it with the lipstick belt!  ♥

Pardon the creases ):
Im a lazy girl, but anyway this skirt doesn’t crease easily and the material is very comfortable!

I run around in the chalet with this outfit and it didn’t kill me 😀

See you at 9pm people!

Ask me ant knee tink

Sorry girls, im late! ):

Ultra mega busy! :O

Hello folks!
Im finally here again!

(Afraid that y’all will abandon meh ): )

Hahahahaha, ive been so busy these two weeks, god knows why.
I don’t even have time to post pictures up here, so i kind of forgot what ive been to these few days.

Okay, im so back dated!
Updating about sissy’s 22nd birthday! 😀 😀 😀


Finally able to flaunt in the Skatergal flouncy dress in sky blue!
Totally in love with the material and how the cut flow


Done dolling up and camwhore a bit with my twinnie while waiting for the star of the day!

Wheeeee 😀
Love how my hair look so tame before heading out of the house everytime.
But when  i step out of the house, BWAM.

My hair looks like it went to hurricane ):

So troubled with my floss like hair, (sissy say it looks like pork floss, i insist that it’s candy floss)

On 小红 waiting to pick minion Sophie up! 😀
Abit tad torturous to wake up so early.

If not for breakfast!
Hahahahaha, no doubt why Ben always call me Fat Fat ):

Jones the grocer at Dempsy!
Glorious place to have breakfast.

It was drizzling early in the morning, what a bummer ):

Some pictures before we get to our breakfast!
The queue for Sunday morning was pretty long! ):

I hate long queues with empty stomach
#not happy


Everyone is in #thetinselrack’s clothes!

All sleeveless, almost freeze to death!
Everywhere we go is so torturing ):

We all ended up at far east buying cardigan to keep ourselves warm.

Lovelove the high ceiling of the cafe! ^^
And the layout of the place? Beautiful!

More pictures taken before we could get ourselves a seat!
The place was bustling with loads of breakfast lover (:

Rainy day also damn enthu?! ):

Heheheh, sop did a funny post
But i forgot why. Chicky dance?

Why sop? Tell me when you see me okay!

Jess and sop ordered hazelnut and caramel hot chocolate!
Looks so yummeh!!

And absolutely comforting on a rainy sunday 🙂

The three of them ordered the traditional american breakfast.
So boringgggg.

So i got myself a coconut pancakes!
Comes with a additional scoop of vanilla icecream.

Weird combination for a breakfast!


Im a selectively coconut eater, i only eat coconut flavoured food like bangkok’s coconut icecream, coconut candies.
But i DON’T eat the real coconut fruit and drink coconut juice.

Call me an oddball, i don’t care.
Hahahahaha :p

The tradition american breakfast might look and sound appetizing but it didn’t win their hearts.
Rubbery egg, tough bacon


Annoying kids at dining tables

Everybardy was so damn full before we even cleared half of our plates!
:O :O :O

So camwhore war starts again while our stomachs process the food. :p

Hahahaha, we keep running over to sissy’s side cause the lighting there is obviously much nicer!
Tips to take note, choose the side with better lighting if you want to  achieve good looking photos! :p

Was a pity that it’s still drizzling by the time we left, nothing much to do with the horrible weather!
Ended up shopping at far east till everyone is tired.

Aww, it’s so good to have the girls companion (:
Im blessed, tyvm.

Big ass polaroid contributed by Sop!
Another two additon to our polaroid collage! (:

Say yayyyyy.

Im just back from USS today with my birthday boy and im damn exhausted!
Had hell loads of fun at the Battlestar galantica, seriously 😀

♥im in love with roller coasters ♥

Can’t wait to share my pictures over here!
And nope, not gonna say goodnight today! ):

Have yet to clear finish emails!
Hang on girls, im comingggggggg!


Ask me ant knee tink





Oh how i am feeling grumpy now ):
I am still fretting over my thousand word essay that i couldn’t churn out.

Twenty four hours seem to be too short for a day.
Imma heading for bed now.

Hopefully fairy godmother will complete my essay for me and save it into my document folder tonight.
Goodnight fellows, xoxo



Howdy peeps! (:

Im finally back to clear my shitload worth of OTDs!
Anyway today is such a fruitful day!

Hehehehe, im awarded the best actress and sneaky person of the day!
Shall update yall about it again! (:

Don’t forget to wish Joyce happy birthday tomorrow okay! 

Was preparing some props with sissy the other day!
So cute right, omgggggz!

hmm, okay i was just fooling around. Hehehehe :p

Colorblock top in pink&orange
Skater skirt in navy/green

#thetinselrack love!
How do you like my bang? Hehehehe.
Can’t deny the fact that it made my face rounder than it is already :p

Shall keep it till i am sick of it!

Head down to 313 somerset to meet my fellow friends!
Blue mountain cafe! (:

I think i haven’t been meeting them for 3 or 4 months already.
Miss them loadssssssss!

Catch up session at tully coffee place! (:
Orchard central is such a nice place to chit chat with your friends over a cup of nice coffee.
Because orchard central is so peaceful and quiet! 😀

Went home pretty early, hopefully to have a chance to recover my eyebags and dark circles.
Hahahaha, but i would never sleep early!

Sit in front of my laptop and i can just surf the net for hours.
Sigh, foresee that i need to invest most of my funds to conceal my flaws D:

Rummage through my wardrobe and found these old love!
#thetinselrack Spring’s Desire Waterfall Top and California Ranch High Waist Shorts


Hahahaha, i love to dress up for school in order to look forward to my classes.
My friends always thought that im heading to town or meeting Ben after school!
But nope, im always go to the office or back home after school!! HAHAHAH, i seriously got no social life D:

They are so comfy and i feel so happy in them! In fact, i want to be greedy and have a few more pairs! :p

Mega love for my minion! ♥

Changed into #thetinselrack front pocket high waist shorts in Petrol Blue.
Like a fashion show please, i can change up to 3 outfits per day!

Major love for the colours of this pair of high waist shorts!
I realized i can almost wear high waist shorts everyday! So flattering, can conceal tummy after having lunch/dinner! ;p

Can’t wait for breakfast date with my love ones tomorrow!
Yay to more pictures and i think im falling in love with my weekends!

I am finally resting after 3 years. It’s hard to catch up with my life with so many things occupying me.

Thankful for sissy, ben, family and friend’s understanding! ♥
Im back in full force now,  so i will be around spreading love and cookies! Wheeeeee!

Okay, jess can’t stop pestering me for my laptop!!! ROAR.
Gonna post this up and watch 家好月圆 now!

P.S It’s so frigging addictive!

Ask me ant knee tink

Chasing time

To begin with, my week has been as hectic as usual.
Hence, explain the abandoned space.

Looking forward to the weekend, and tomorrow it’s FRIDAY FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!~


Anyway, here to continue my foodlogue which have been pending for the longest time! 😀

DIN TAI FUNG for an early sunday dinner with thom and sissy!
Because we couldn’t bother to fight the queue on a sunday night, so might as well go in a little earlier to get ourselves some seats! :p

Kinda have dilemma whenver i visit places which are famous for their XLB.
Developed a phobia for XLB ever since my visit for the holland village crystal jade xlb buffet.

OMG, so horrible.

We got bombed with loads of xlb and i just got so sick of it till now. Meh.

The xiao cai which thom claims that it’s a way to cheat customer’s money appetizer.
Hahahaha, but it’s nice and really appetizing though!

Cmon thom!

Some snaps while waiting for the late comer to arrive!
Our stomachs are dying for food but we have to slowly savor the  xiao cai and crabmeat bun while waiting!



And finally, the late comer is hereeeee!
Time for foodie! :O

/We want food, we want food, we want food!

Crabmeat bun as per mentioned.
It’s my first time having it and i thought that it was pretty nice!

Or maybe because we are hungry?


Eggy fried rice!
Which i feel so cheated because i can cook this myself?!

DTF you should try harder manz.
Okay! Moving on!

Tedahhhhh, the star of the night!

Crabmeat xiao long bao!
My heart goes to them! ♥♥♥♥

It’s on promotion for DBS/POSB card holders!
I wanna go back just for them! Flip over and die.

Hahahaha, i bet sissy would agree with me.
She totally went crazy over ’em!

B’s dan dan mian!

The sauce tasted much like satay bee hoon.
It sort of excites me when he told me he’s gonna order dan dan mian!

Cause im such a mountain tortoise and never try it before!

Hahahaha, but when i tried it, -___-

It’s definitely a relative of satay bee hoon. hahahaha.

Dessert time!!

Something hilarious i caught on from the radio when driving to school.
You know we always say that there is always room for dessert?

And that room is known as…….


Aww, love my morning with rozz and shan on air!

Chase my morning blues away ^^

Chocolate banana and green tea with azuki beans for thom and sissy!
Mac nut and green tea for meeeeee!

Cause someone say he doesn’t want any!
Who’s gonna believe you anyway!!  :p

Haalets which we can’t figure out what is it!
I thought it looks like mochi!

Hahahaha, they look so good to be eaten! (:

Caught on the candid camera!
Someone just finished the chocolate banana without sharing.

Such a meanieeeee.

Throws stare at somebardy.
Hahahaha, of course i had to share in the end!

I don’t want to be a fatty bombomz. ):

Hahahaha. Ive been eating out so regularly now that i hardly have any mummy’s made with love food ):
And i think that’s damn sad, cause i miss them loads!

Anyway, i FINALLY FINALLY visited everything with fries!
Omg, i sound like a noob! D:

Hahahaha, i bet some of you have already been there a zillion times.
Ive heard it and seen it on magazines and blogs like so so many times as if ive been there before.

So yay!


Super amazed by the handwriting on the board.
It’s handwritten and it’s super neat and pretty! 🙂

I wish i could have such handwritting!
Mine, just look like biscuit crumbs, all over the place.

Hahahaha ):
Just take a look at the notes i took down during lecture.
Sometimes i don’t even recognize what am i writing. LOL.

My new cut fringe!
Hairstylist: Mom

Hahahaha, i just couldn’t stand my fringe one fine day and i went to the room beside and say: “Mummy, can you please cut my fringe? We have been saying this since forever!”

Mum: “Okay, now. Come here”

Hahahaha, snipsnip and it’s done within a minute!
I just don’t see the point of going into a salon to cut my fringe. And most of the time, they just screw it up!

Hehehehe, now i found my personal fringe stylist!

One egg soup!
Not to my liking even though i heard ravings about it! ):

This is a thumbsup!
Breaded salmon, omgggg SALIVATES*

We are amazed how they prepare the salmon!
Crispy on the top and uber tender below.

One of the best salmon i ever had!! 😀 😀

Thom’s Pork Chop.
Heard that it’s not nice~~

Hahahahaha. Yuppppps i was being a lightbulb that day.
They had to bring me along for dinner because i was with them in the office.


And Have a Happy Fries Day!
It’s funny how they say out loud whenever customers are leaving the store.

Well, i guess it’s cute in a sense.
Hahahaha. Hmmm, looks like it’s time for me to go to bed already!

Always fight to open my eyes when my alarm rings the next morning.
I would just hit the snooze button for 300 times before i drag myself off the bed.

Hahahaha, goodnight darlings!
Shall make another attempt to type another post here soon! ♥